I Lost You At Hello;)

Hey Im lindsey but all my friends call me lizzy. I grew up in Holmes Chaple. I live with my best friend Leah in a flat even though we both just turned 18. This story is about a girl that is not very noticeable out of a crowd. On the other hand her best freind Leah is pretty and very out going that is why she loves her so much.


10. Whats New

     Leah's p.o.v

 While i had cheer i looked over to see Lizzy and Harry kissing how sweet. When cheer was over i was walking to biololgy and i saw Louis i wanted to go up to him but at the same time i didnt. I looked at him and he smiled at me I smiled quickly and looked down and walked into class one bad thing i have that class with. The only reason it is bad is cause i just dissed him.

   Louis's p.o.v

I saw Leah walking to class i smiled and she quickly smiled back and then looked down and sped walk to class. Did i do  something? I walked into class and saw her in the back corner with her head down. I walked up to her and sat down one seat beside her. I poked her at she looked up and i said "did i do something" "no not at all i just thought u didnt want to be seen with me in school its totally ok" she replied i little to sadly. "Leah i would love to be seen with u escpecially in school ur the prettiest girl in the world" i smiled slightly " really????" she said hopefully "yes i have to ask u a question" " yes" "will u be my girlfriend" she looked really shocked her "yes Louis i will be ur girlfriend" " *sigh of relief* then it is offical" i stood up at said really loudly "THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE IS MY GIRLFRIEND" she looked at me like what the heck and everyone look shocked.

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