I Lost You At Hello;)

Hey Im lindsey but all my friends call me lizzy. I grew up in Holmes Chaple. I live with my best friend Leah in a flat even though we both just turned 18. This story is about a girl that is not very noticeable out of a crowd. On the other hand her best freind Leah is pretty and very out going that is why she loves her so much.


6. Truth or Dare

      harry's p.o.v

Lizzy is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. We walked in saw Louis and Leah on the love seat laughing. Louis yelled "HEY HOW ABOUT WE PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" Lizzy and Leah srated and we all agreed and we called Liam, and Niall since zayne has a gf we didnt call him they were probably hanging out.

       When the boys arrived Niall grabbed some snacks and drinks amd we started playin." I will start " loui yelled . he started "Liam truth or dare" "truth" Liam replied "ok have u ever kissed anyone" "no" he said shyly nd sadly. "my turn" i said "truth or dare Leah" "dare" she said scaredly  " i dare you to......... kiss Loui" he and Loui looked at me with wide eyes and Loui said "ok..." He leaned over and kissed her but then it came more passionate. Lizzy started laughing her laugh is so cute then Leah pulled away and said "now my turn" we all looked worriedly at her and she laughed "truth or dare Lizzy" "dare" Lizzy said evily " i dare you to put peanut butter on like a mustache and kiss harry" she said looking at me.

     Lizzy's p.o.v

I looked at Leah then back at Harry then back and forth for some time and finally sighed "fine". I went to the kitchen and and grabbed the peanut butter when i turned around and saw Harry standing there he looked at me and whispered"you dont have to do this if you dont want to" i replied " do you want me to do this" he shyly repied "yes" "then i have to" i said proudly and walked back in the living room.

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