I Lost You At Hello;)

Hey Im lindsey but all my friends call me lizzy. I grew up in Holmes Chaple. I live with my best friend Leah in a flat even though we both just turned 18. This story is about a girl that is not very noticeable out of a crowd. On the other hand her best freind Leah is pretty and very out going that is why she loves her so much.


5. Sweet

   Lizzy's p.o.v

 I cant believe Harry said that it was the sweetest thing anyone has said to me befor. He looked at me and added" Lizzy i really like you" once i heard that i saw Louis pull up behind and i jumped out and ran to the car and told Leah that we need to go she asked me whyi told her what he said to me and she told Louis that i was heading home so then Leah and Louis walked in side and harry was right behind them but walking slowly.


   I got in the car and started the engine and heard a knock i was in tears when i looked up and saw Harry standing there in looked in his emerald eyes they were full of hurt and saddness. I rolled my window down and he asked " what is the matter. did i do something" i looked deep in his eyes and sighed and told him" i really like you too but i dont want to get y heart broken again" i started sobbing, He said hopefully "u like me" and i nodded and he said "i will never break ur heart liz i promise" i started sobbing harder he open the door and unbuckled my seat belt and pulled me into a hug and i looked up at him and i smiled and he smiled looking into my eyes his adorable dimples were showing then i ever noticed befor. I stopped crying wipped all my tears and smeered make up off and wwe walked in i went in first then he did.


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