I Lost You At Hello;)

Hey Im lindsey but all my friends call me lizzy. I grew up in Holmes Chaple. I live with my best friend Leah in a flat even though we both just turned 18. This story is about a girl that is not very noticeable out of a crowd. On the other hand her best freind Leah is pretty and very out going that is why she loves her so much.


12. No Way

      Leah's p.o.v

So Lizzy texted me and told me that her and Harry went out so at the end of class i stood up and Louis was at my locker just standing there and i walk up to Louis and said ''whats up lou" he smiled at me and asked "u wanna hang out after school" i answered "well Louis Tomlinson i am sorry but i have a date" totally joking but trying to not laugh "WHAT" he yelled at me "geez i was just kidding i can see u will be an over protective boyfriend no arent u" i said rudely not meaning to "omg i thought u were totally serious i about killed u and yes i am a very over protective boyfriend".

   *at his house after school*


 We were sitting on his couch watching Parnomal Activity 4 I jumped in his lap when the cat jumped in front of the camera in the movie he just started laughing and i went to get up but he pulled me back in his lap and wouldnt let me up.

 i looked away from him and he pulled my face in his hands towards him and cupped his hands around my face and started to kiss me omg how sweet i just kissed back and then it turned into a makeout session and then he picked me up and pushed me against the wall and then he picked me up and carried me up stairs when we got into his room and he layed me on his bed gently i stopped and got up and walked down stairs and told him "come on you are missing the movie he just sat down next to me and pulled me closer to him I felt safe in his arms i looked at him and he looked back and just smiled then i had to go to because we had school tomorrow.

  Lizzy's p.o.v

 Harry and I were playing laser tag with some random people it was alot of fun. While we were playing he came up behind me and tased me on my sides with his large hands and squealed and turned around shooting him in his vest and he looked at me "no fair" he puoted "to fair that is what u get for squeezing my sides" i said to him and he just looked at me and started kissing me then a little kid came by and said "ewwww hey Josh looked at them" he said pointing at me and Harry they both looked around 11.

  Harry's p.o.v

 When we were playing laser tag we started kissing and this little kid said pointing at us "ewww Josh look at them" and we both stopped and started laughing when we were done we left and went to Lizzy's we were watching The Purge and when this scary part came Liz squealed and shoved her face in my chest i hugged her tightly and just looked down at her chuckling she looked up and said madly "its not funny" i just laughed and she moved to the other side of the couch i looked at her and said "come on please sit with me please" she looked at me and said "no you made fun of me when i got scared" "oh come on i just laughed cause you looked so adorable" i said in return "your lucky i like you Styles" she said looking at me "aww how sweet you like me" i said "just be quiet she" said and snuggled against me.

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