I Lost You At Hello;)

Hey Im lindsey but all my friends call me lizzy. I grew up in Holmes Chaple. I live with my best friend Leah in a flat even though we both just turned 18. This story is about a girl that is not very noticeable out of a crowd. On the other hand her best freind Leah is pretty and very out going that is why she loves her so much.


14. Losing Her

  Harry's p.o.v

 When she told me "yeah it is okay if u make a mistake but not when it comes to cheating if you didnt want to be with me you could of just broke up with me instead of taking my heart and running over it a times it would of hurt alot less" my heart broke in a million pieces "i love you you are my world please it didnt mean anything and plus she came on to me and i couldnt get her off me" i said almost crying "well apparently not" she said sobbing i just hugged her that is all i could do to my surprise she hug me back.

  She looked up at me and whispered"i really missed that" "i really missed this to" i said befor i smashed my lips into hers she kissed back.

 Lizzy's p.o.v

 Befor i could do anything i was kissing him that is all i could i missed his lips so much and him. I couldnt help but crying in the middle of the kiss. He looked at me and whispered"what is the matter" i looked at him and said "you cheated on me i know it didnt mean anything but it just really hurts" "I am so sorry" he  looked at me with tears running down my cheeks. The words just flew out of my mouth " i love you too times infinty"  he smiled so big and just huged me and asked to me if i wanted to do something. I looked at him and said "lets watch a movie" he asked "what movie" "ummmmmm...... how about the conjuring" he smiled and walked  into the living room and put in the movie. We sat on the couch i screamed every 2 minutes and he chuckled  almost every time whe it was over we went up to my room and he grabbed a pillow and layed it on the floor and I looked at him and giggled "you know you can sleep in the bed with me I dont bite promise" i said laughing he laughed with me and crawled into the bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my lips lightly and then pulled back i almost instantly fell alseep


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