The Summer of June

June is out of freshmen year and summer has just begun. She is finally going to see her dad in California for a month. Her and her dad barely knew each other so it might get awkward. One night June and her dad got into a fight, she decides going back home early?! But before she leaves she goes out for her last night in Cali. When something happens to her will she stay and say goodbye to her family back home or leave and never come back to California?


4. Daddy

"JUNE BUG?!" As soon as I heard the mans voice I recognized it right away. "DADDY" I ran from Harry's grasp and into my dad's arms. "How has my little bug been doing?" "She has been doing great!" Me and my dad a little conversation then I remembered Harry was standing in front of us. "Uh Harry this is my dad" he looked at me like really I couldn't tell face. "Nice to meet u sir" he held out his hand but my dad didn't shake it. So Harry just let his hand fall. "How long have u known my daughter?" My dad said stepping a bit closer to Harry so he kinda let go of me. "I actually just met her on the plane, but I feel like I've known her forever, she really is an amazing girl and I wouldn't do anything to hurt her sir." My dad laughed with a snort "shut up kid u don't even know what ur saying so I'm suggesting u go where u need to go." Oh and by the way don't even think of trying to come and find her to reunite!" What the hell was going on Harry was being so kind but my dad on the other hand was being a bitch! "Uh I'm sorry if I gave u the wrong impression sir but we're just friends..." "Uh huh and I never had a wife before" "um dad can I speak to u in private, and Harry you stay there." "K" he said with a smile. I pulled my dad over "ok seriously dad wtf I just met him and we're friends! Why the hell do u have to be so rude. And don't say u r trying to protect me! Because I can take care of my self!" "Hun I'm sorry but I really am just trying to pro..." I cut him off. " no u aren't cause if u were I wouldn't even be here right now! We would be a happy family and u and mom would be together! But no we aren't a perfect family all because u had to abuse my brother for completely no reason! I don't even know why the hell I came here I should've just listened to mom and Hayden!!!" I already had tears on my cheeks. I never really got to tell him how I felt and it felt good. He tries to start hugging me but I stop him "no did u even hear a word I just said? I think it would be best if u just kept some distance right now I don't wanna yell at u again" as I said that his emotions in his face turned surprised to sad. "I'm sorry June Bug..." He told me where the car was and I started to walk out but before I did I said bye to Harry. "Hey I'm uh sorry about my dad but hey it's ok if u call me and stuff he won't care he's just a little over protective" "it's ok I've been through way worse!" He had a smile on his face now. "Hey I still need to get revenge on u for the phone number thing" I smiled and we both started to lean in. As soon as our lips crashed I could feel the butterflies getting crazier and crazier. There were fireworks everywhere. He was so passionate about it too. Then I felt his tongue on my lips asking for a ticket in my mouth. I gave him one:D now I could feel him pulling me closer but I shot my eyes open and remembered my dad standing there watching me! I pulled away and Harry looked at me confused but when I darted my eyes at my dad then to him he noticed and started to blush. It was cute how he blushed. We said our goodbyes and left. Was it a bit weird that I literally just met this guy and already made out with him? PROBABLY!!! But he made me feel so Safe and wanted...

We were approaching my dad's house. It was huge. The whole car ride was filled with awkward silence. Then my dad giggled "so just a friend?" I rolled my eyes but smiled. Just the thought of him I had butterflies.

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