The Summer of June

June is out of freshmen year and summer has just begun. She is finally going to see her dad in California for a month. Her and her dad barely knew each other so it might get awkward. One night June and her dad got into a fight, she decides going back home early?! But before she leaves she goes out for her last night in Cali. When something happens to her will she stay and say goodbye to her family back home or leave and never come back to California?


3. Bye

Well I'm now saying goodbye to my mom and Hayden. God I'm going to miss them like crazy, I know I'm going to be gone just for a month but I never been away that long from them before."Mom promise me that U will take good care of Hayden while I'm gone ok?" "Hun I think I'm doing pretty good with my parenting I mean look at u guys u guys are so strong and just so amazing I wouldn't ever let anything happen to u" "Ok uh Hayden look after mom!" " SIR YUS SIR" he also added the salute."good work soldier" "I love you Guys so much but I gotta go now LOVE YOU BYE!" Before I entered the plane my mom and brother ran over and gave me a huge bear hug. "I love you sis" "I love you Hun" "l love you mom and Hayden"

Tears we're streaming down my cheeks as I put my head on the window. I can't believe I'm actually about to see my dad I literally have no idea what he looks like or how he acts like now. Ugh why does my life suck!!! " hey love why are you crying?" I turned to face the boy who was talking to me it looked confused for a moment but answered. "Uh nothing it doesn't matter" then I turned back to the window and resumed my sorrows. "Obviously it's a big deal but it's ok u don't have to tell me btw my name is Harry" I turned back to him "June, but a lot of people call me June Bug" why the heck would I tell him that nick name!!! I facepalmed myself as soon as the words left my mouth. Harry had a huge smile on his face. He has dimples! And a British accent already perfect all the sudden I turned deeply red and had butterflies partying hard in my stomach. Woah his eyes are incredible I love those curls it just make u want to touch them. Why does this guy already have this effect on me! " oh love ur already blushing deeply" "uh no I'm not I just uh... Ur hot!" Don't tell me I just said that out loud!!! Obviously I did because at first he looked super shocked then blushed and laughed " hm I could say the Same to u June Bug" oh crap I can tell this was gonna be a long plane ride. 

Me and Harry said our goodbyes. Honestly I was going to kind of miss that boy just something about him is so awesome! As I was walking to get my baggage I felt a hand grab my wrist I turned around and saw that gorgeous boy. "Hey um sorry I uh... Canihaveurnumber?!" "What? Slow down dude" honestly I knew what he said I just wanted to trouble him ;) " I said can... I...have" I cut him off " not that slow grandpa" " can I have ur number?" I smiled "now was that so hard" he looked relieved but confused. "Wait u knew what I said the first time?" "Maybe..." I said in a whisper. I already gave him my number and has my stuff " I'm gonna get u June Bug!" Then I started to run cause I knew what he meant and he ran right after me. "How the hell are h so fast!" He yelled out I didn't answer him instead I ran into the lady's room. " can't get me now Styles!" "U sure?" What was he going to do I started to walk away from the door. Then felt warm big hand grab my waist. " I got u" I was totally lost in his eyes, he started to lean forward when*BANG* the door flew open! "JUNE BUG!" 


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