My little secret

Arielle Malik was as close to her brother as two people could possibly be. That was until the one night that caused her to change drastically. After months of being depressed and pushing everyone away, Zayn is extremely frustrated by his failed attempts to not only comfort her, but to have her confide in him about what it is that happened. When Arielle is finally ready to recover, and her mother arranges for her to tour with her brother's band for a few months, things may spiral out of control in more ways than just one...


8. 7

I stay out on the balcony and watch the cars speed by. Eventually I rise and drag myself back inside to find Zayn still peacefully asleep in his bed. I just grab my clothes, head to the bathroom, and change. I also throw on some eyeliner and mascara. Who knows what I am in store for today.

Just as I throw on my dress, my stomach makes a dying whale noise so loud that the person in the other room could probably hear it. My stomach has begun hurting because I haven’t fed myself. I guess I should at least eat a small something.

I walk out and throw my clothes on top of my suitcase, grabbing my phone and a room key as I walk into the hallway. I make my way downstairs and head over to the breakfast spread out across a few long tables. I wish I could go get something better, but after what happened last time, I am not taking my chances. I look around, trying to find the healthiest thing to eat when I see a kid with blonde hair filling his plate up to the max. I walk over to him.

“I think your plate is full,” I say with a smile on my lips.

Niall looks over at me and frowns.

“Hey, Arielle,” he says quietly, walking off to a table in the corner.

I wonder why he was so upset to see me. I swiftly grab an apple and walk over, taking the seat across from him.

“Why are you so unhappy to see me?” I question as I take a bite from my macintosh.

“I’m not,” he replies, keeping his gaze down at the food he is now inhaling.

“Yes, you are. Tell me why,” I command, trying to sound scary, but end up sounding whiny.

“Arielle, I’m perfectly happy to see you,” he says frustratedly before giving me an obnoxiously fake grin.

I know he won’t tell me anytime soon so I just stay quiet until I finish my food.

“It’s because Zayn got mad at me for being close with you, isn’t it? You’re afraid he is going to hurt me if we hang out. I just want you to know that no matter what Zayn says, he would never think of touching me,” I say without letting him confirm my suspicion before rambling on about it.

“I’m not worried about you,” he mutters. It takes me a moment to connect the dots.

“Niall, he would never lay a finger on you, either,” I assure him.

He just looks up at me with an unreadable expression.

“You want to bet? Last night before the concert, I was in my dressing room when Zayn stormed in,” he begins. I immediately grow worried. Did Zayn hurt him? “He began threatening me about hurting you and lecturing me on how it was unacceptable for me to even think about dating you. I promised him we were just friends, but he thought that I was leading you on too much. If I asked you out I’m pretty sure he would kill me,” he says with a hint of fright and frustration in his voice.

I don’t know what to say. I just sit there and stare into Niall’s eyes with my mouth slightly ajar. He looks down sadly.

“I don’t think we can hang out anymore,” he states, picking at his eggs with his fork.

I am so beyond hurt. I was finally trusting somebody other than Vi and Zayn has to go and ruin it. Tears begin to fall from my eyes, but Niall still hasn’t looked up. I run out of the room and up to mine and Zayn’s. I make it in and find him still asleep. I run over and start shaking him.

“Wake up, you lazy ass,” I scream as he opens his eyes wide in shock. “You bastard! I finally started opening up to someone other than Vi and you have to go and destroy it! He doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore! Why can’t you just stop being so controlling over me! You don’t own Niall or me! You can’t just do that, Zayn! You can’t!”

He doesn’t say anything as I shake and sob. He just sits up in his bed, staring at me. Then he rises and tries to hug me. I push off as much as I can, but he is stronger.

“Get off me!” I scream. “Get the fuck off me! I hate you!”

At this he stops trying to hold me in his arms, too surprised by what I just said. I step away from him and whisper, “I hate you.”

Suddenly the door opens and Liam pops his head in the doorway. He takes in the scene in front of him: me crying and standing facing Zayn who is sitting and staring at the floor with pain written across his face.

“What’s going on?” he asks, not moving as his eyes dart between us two.

“Nothing. What is it?” I demand, wiping my eyes.

“We are boarding the bus in half an hour so you guys need to get your stuff packed and head out front,” he says, still looking suspicious.

“Okay. Thank you,” I dismiss him as he leaves us be.

I don’t try to talk to Zayn as I gather up my clothes from the corner quickly and throw them in my luggage. I walk into the bathroom and close the door. I take off my ruined makeup and gather up my soaps and hair products, taking them back out and stuffing them in my bag.

When I look up, Zayn is slowly packing his things, too, but with the same expression on his face as before. I just zip up my case and walk out the door.

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