My little secret

Arielle Malik was as close to her brother as two people could possibly be. That was until the one night that caused her to change drastically. After months of being depressed and pushing everyone away, Zayn is extremely frustrated by his failed attempts to not only comfort her, but to have her confide in him about what it is that happened. When Arielle is finally ready to recover, and her mother arranges for her to tour with her brother's band for a few months, things may spiral out of control in more ways than just one...


15. 14

I wake up at around eight and see Louis is gone. He is probably down at breakfast. I notice a flat, gift-wrapped box sitting on his pillow. Curiously, I walk over and see a note attached:

Dear Arielle,

I noticed you needed some cheering up, so I took the liberty of getting you this FABULOUIS shirt! ;) I hope you like it!

-Lou =P

I immediately throw open the box to find an ‘I ♥ Louis’ tee shirt. A smile tugs at my lips as I grab some shorts and shoes. I head into the bathroom and get ready. I grab a key card and my phone. Hopefully I will be able to get Harry to unlock it today.

I stroll down to the buffet room and scan the food. I feel a bit better about my weight ever since Niall had that outburst, but my confidence still isn’t all the way up. I am about to go grab a plate when Liam calls me over to the table where he and Louis sit. I immediately walk over and sit down with them.

“Like the gift?” Louis grins at me.

“Love it! Thank you,” I beam, giving him a quick squeeze.

“No problem, love,” he replies proudly, hugging me back.

When we separate, I notice there are three plates of food sitting in front of us.

“Who is the third for?” I ask pointing to the one stockpiled with eggs, sausage, doughnut holes, and other various breakfast items.

“You,” the two boys answer.

“And you are eating all of it,” Liam commands as he pushes the food in front of me.

“I can’t eat all of that!” I exclaim, more so not wanting to rather than not being able to.

“Yes, you can. Eat up,” Louis replies before going back to his food.

I pick up my fork and eat all of the fruit. I put it back down and declare that I am full, which is an absolute lie. I am starving.

“Eat the rest of that before I stick it down your throat,” Louis says next to me, and I give him a doubtful look.

He stares back seriously, so I continue to pick at the plate. I end up eating three fourths of it before I am truly full. I made sure to eat all of the healthiest things first.

“I am truly one hundred percent full,” I declare, leaning back in my chair.

“Can’t you just take one more bite?” Louis asks me.

“No. I will explode,” I respond, feeling like I have just eaten a horse.

“Fine. You can go, but we are leaving on the bus in about twenty minutes,” Liam informs me before I make my way back up to my hotel room.

I pack up all of my things quickly and pick up the book I was half finished with before I went to bed last night. I lay on my bed and begin reading when Louis and Harry walk in the room.

“Harry!” I shout, surprising him slightly.

“What did I do?” he asks, frightened.

“You changed the passcode on my phone. Now unlock it,” I demand, holding my phone out to him.

“No,” he scoffs before walking past me and into the room.

“What do you mean no?” I almost scream, turning to face him again.

“I mean I’m not unlocking your phone,” he says casually as he turns on the TV.

Louis just walks into the bathroom, not wanting to be a part of this. I walk over and turn off whatever it was he was watching.

“Hey! I was watching that,” he complains.

“Yeah, well I was trying to text my friend back earlier, but I couldn’t because you changed the stupid lock,” I sass him.

“Fine. I will fix it,” he says, taking my phone from me and fiddling around with it for a few moments before handing it back.

“What did you change it to?” I ask.

“3659,” he says as he uses the remote to turn the television back on.

I unlock my phone and text Vi back explaining why I wasn’t answering. I go to scroll through my Twitter even though I might get my phone away again. I just can’t help it. I look for the app, but can’t find it.

“I deleted it, but not before changing your password. I told you that you are not going on Twitter,” he says, reading my mind.

“Control freak,” I mutter and he gives me a dramatic eye roll.

Louis walks back out when he hears that we have stopped talking. We all sit around for a while before finally heading out to the bus. I take a seat on the couch next to Harry and prepare for the long ride to our next destination.

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