The wizard war

This is the mud blood war voldemort has taken over and forced all kinds of terror on them. Does these mean war against having war? Read and find out


2. my day has come

Today is the day that I go to the mud blood war. I was one of the 40 children chosen to go. My name is Dawson I have no last name because my parents died in the mbw right after I was born. I was raised but rose who is my aunt Hermonie and uncle Ron daughter. I call them my aunt and uncle because they are the closed thing to family I have ever had. they died when I was 7 leaving me and rose alone. To fend for are selves.

The mud blood war is a harsh and horrible thing that voldemort had conflicted on us. We are like pieces on a board that can be flicked off with out a thought. We aren't living or breathing people to him. We are filth we are even worse then muggle because we have the power they have but don't have there blood. Muggle's have to fight along side us dying and facing the same end we are. we are a dying kind Soon the world will have only empty filthy pure bloods.

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