The wizard war

This is the mud blood war voldemort has taken over and forced all kinds of terror on them. Does these mean war against having war? Read and find out


5. loves ending

Callie laid here head on my shoulder and whisper it's not your fault. I opened my eyes for a split second lended in and kissed her. The I heard it avada ca dobra!! Are lips separated we looked around. We didn't die? Voldemort shirked and drop his broken wand.


How could this have happened voldemort thought This hasn't happened since harry potter (spit). Avada ca dobra I screamed. Nothing? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the ground shook as I screamed.

Then I fell to the ground


I looked at Callie "what happened?" I don't know Dawson she said crying into my shoulder. I hugged her and rubbers her back. I whispered "I love you Callie". Callie tear stained face looked up at me "I love you too". I hadn't know Callie for more then a couple weeks in a dark cell but i felt like I have know her forever. I looked up and saw Voldemort collapsed on his high perch where he viewed the murder. His right hand women Bellatrix looked down at as in the most hateful way, and I knew she would find away to kill us.

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