The wizard war

This is the mud blood war voldemort has taken over and forced all kinds of terror on them. Does these mean war against having war? Read and find out


4. death is here

Me and Callie stared at each knowing that the torture came next. In my mind I kept going though the plan, We're going to die but refuse to fights. Then I heard a death eater yell crusio I started screaming grabbing my head.The pain was guy wrenchingly horrid. I saw Callie beside me screaming and withering like me. It went on for what felt like hours but was really just minutes. Then it stopped I shook uncontrollable . It took all I had to stop shaking tears streamed down my face. Callie lay shaking a lilt ways away. I scooted over to her and whisper don't give in.I can't take it, I just can't! Callie said. Then I saw a death eater holding Rose with his wand to her throat. I stood up and cried no. Fight or she dies the death eater said in a snarling voice. Rose looked and me and shook her head ever so slitty and mouthed I love you. I watches in horror as rose grab the death eaters knife and plunged it right though her hearts. I cried out in pure horror and ran at the death eater shoving him to the ground and grabbing his wand crusio. He shakes and Wailed and I just laughed knowing that he was paying for roses death and my pain. Callie ran and grabbed the wand from me and yelled at me your just as bad as them! I looked at her and at that second I knew she was right. I took the wand and broke it in half laying it on the death eaters chest. Then me and Callie sat down looking at the introbed crowd. I put my arm around her and closed my eyes waiting for the end.

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