The wizard war

This is the mud blood war voldemort has taken over and forced all kinds of terror on them. Does these mean war against having war? Read and find out


3. a way to die

The death eaters still fight along side voldemort doing his biding. So they were the ones that round up the 50 of us. They put us in a dark cell, that led up a rap into a colosseum. We made an agreement the one who lives tells all of are family's good by for us. We didn't get a chance to because we were taken by surprise. We became friends sitting in a cell for 2 weeks. sorta helps people bond. We were friends there but once we stepped onto the battle field we would fight for are lives. Every man for themselves. This one girl stayed bundled in the corner she cried 2 day flat. She eventual ran out of tears and sat there moneing And crying out. I walked up to her and said, hi I'm Dawson what's your name? She sniffed and coughed then whispered Callie. Hi Callie are you okay? NO I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!!!' I know Callie me neither but only one can survive. Callie refused to talk she curled into a bowl and cried fresh tears. Then an idea hit me like a sack of rocks. I'VE GOT IT!!!" Everyone looked at me. We huddled together as I whispered the plan. Everyone agreed and we sat in silents knowing that a horrible death was about to come. The next day Charlie and Rebecca were brought out to fight. There was sounds of cheering and egging. The crowd started chanting fight, fight, fight, fight, silences screamed voldemort. Then I heard a scream and Rebecca gasp. Rebecca came in tears on her face and blood on her hands. Everyone looked at her and knew that she had killed Charlie. Rebecca how could you? They had my daughter they were going to kill her! Charlie told me to kill him so I did. She Wailed and cryed in a Corner. Then next day came they came and got me and Callie. Callie had never agreed to the plan just listened so I didn't know if she'd do it. We got into the columsium and I sat down Callie looked and me for what seemed like hours but was seconds and then sat down across from me.

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