How It Started

This story is about Megan Ross, her parents were killed, she lost her memory from the killing, then she ends up meeting Kamrin Samules. Will he be able to help her through it?


4. Who are you?

             I was speechless finally noticing his cargo shorts and plain blue shirt. He had a lab coat on but the coat wasn't one a doctor would wear. "Wh..w..who are you" I finally getting the words out. He stared at me for a while, with his icy blue eyes over looking my body a few times. I looked at the clock noticing it was about 3am. I did know that visiting hours have ended hours ago and I never met this boy before, so why is he here? I also realized the since I drank the strange liquid I was starting to feel woozy and the room started swaying from side to side, and my eye lids were starting to droop and I finally realized the boy drugged me.


             I woke up with a pounding headache and again a sore body. I opened my eyes and saw I was in a strange bedroom, a one belonging to a boy. It had dark grey walls, with looking like a soft flush carpet. The walls were blank except for a board that hung with pictures. I tried getting up, but as soon as my feet were about to touch the ground I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I quickly swung my legs back onto the bed under the soft heavy comforter, and closed my eyes pretending to sleep. As the person opened the door it slightly creaked but then was followed by a silence. The person clearly just standing in the door way, then they took a step forward into the room towards the bed. The person stopped at the foot of the bed the came around the side. I could feel the person just staring at me, then they lifted one side of the covers gently trying not to disturb me and slowly made their way into the bed with me. I was trying to keep my breathe even but with the person moving closer towards me, put their arm around my waist and pulled me close till my head was in the crook of their arm. I finally noticed it was a boy, and must be the boy from before. Without me realizing it I moved my body against his and put my arm around his torso. I could hear his breath get shorter and mine did the same.


I woke up. Not even realizing I fell asleep to see I was still with the boy in his bed. He seemed to also be asleep for his slight snoring was soft and his breath was even. I guess you could say our position was called spooning, but it felt like I was safe in his arms. It scared me knowing in I was in bed with a stranger and my parents must be really worried about where I was. Now that I'm thinking of my parents where are they? I don't exactly remember the last time I saw them....

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