How It Started

This story is about Megan Ross, her parents were killed, she lost her memory from the killing, then she ends up meeting Kamrin Samules. Will he be able to help her through it?


3. The waking

As I awoke I didn't know where I was the walls were white and the room had a musty smell, the air was cool and my whole body was aching slightly. I tried looking around the room but the lights were too bright for me to comprehend of what my surroundings were, so I closed me eyes and opened them slower. My eyes finally adjusting to the light I saw a small chair in the corner of the room, a wide window over looking the Pacific, and I looked down to see I was in a hospital bed. The doctor came strolling in noticing I was finally awake. "Oh, Megan sweetie how are you feeling?" he asked kindly. The words I was going to say were "I'm fine thanks, umm how exactly did I end up here?" but all that came out was a strange croaking sound. The doctor not acting at all surprised at my sudden sound, just seemed for it to be way normal for him. "Meg, you might want to drink this, your throat must be very parched right now." he exclaimed. He handed me a plastic clear cup with a strange blue liquid inside. At first I smelled it to see if I knew what it was but I was soon disappointed when I realized it didn't have a smell to it. I took a sip and the liquid was terrible but I knew I had to gulp it down anyways. As I finished with the cup I noticed the doctor was young, about my age. I didn't notice till now that this actually isn't my doctor but it was a strange boy impersonating him/her.

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