How It Started

This story is about Megan Ross, her parents were killed, she lost her memory from the killing, then she ends up meeting Kamrin Samules. Will he be able to help her through it?


7. My view

                      ATTENTION this chapter is Kamrin's point of view!!!



    I was laying beside Meg as she was sleeping on my chest. She looked so peaceful and I really didn't want to disturb her. I guess you're wondering how exactly we met? Well it was about 2 years ago. I was in the café my usual spot when I had homework to do. I would usually walk in the door and order a coffee then sit in the back of the café where no one would disturb me. As I was heading to the back with my coffee I saw a girl sitting in my usual chair it was late at night and I was surprised to see a girl or actually anyone still here. Her light brown hair was hung over the chair and she seemed deep in thought with a Word document opened on her laptop. I waited a couple minutes waiting to see if she was done so I could be alone. But 30 minutes pasted and she just stared at the words never moving once. I started to get worried so I slowly walked over to her, and to my surprise she was fast asleep. I gently shook her shoulder, but she didn't move. I checked her pulse and sure enough it was normal I put my finger up to her lips and her breath was even. I tried shaking her again, and she finally awakened. Slowly she opened her eyes and I saw beautiful emerald eyes and I also noticed her features she had full lips high cheek bones and the most prettiest girl I have ever seen. We stared at eachother for what seems like forever, then I finally looked away to grab the top of one of the chairs and pull it out so I could sit by her. As I sat down and stared back into her green eyes I realized she was sizing me down. I the sized her down and she had a perfect figure. She was wearing a messy bun with a Asking Alexandria T-shirt, and skinny jeans. She was sitting with her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. "Uh Hi...." She whispered. I then realized I was just staring and she probably thought I was a big creep. "Oh hi" I said in a hushed whispered. "Um do I know you? Because if this is your spot I will move" She must've realized. "Naa It's ok you got here first, why should I kick such a pretty girl like you out already" I said sliding a smile on my face. She giggled and smiled at me, and that's when I knew she was for me. I can't explain the feeling when you know someone I just right for you. I guess you can say you just know. "Well since you have disturbed my space you will pay the price an buy me another coffee huh? she said and laughed. I laughed to and got up and motioned for her to get up with me so I can get her coffee. She stared at me for a second, thinking if I was actually serious about buying her the drink. I again motion for her to get up and finally she gets out of her chair and follows me up to the counter to order. After she got her coffee and was settled back into her seat and me in mine, I glanced over at her laptop and noticed she was writing a story. I started to read the front Introduction and smiled when I saw it was about a girl finding her true love in a café. It was such a weird coincidence too and I thought maybe not a coincidence but maybe it was fate?



I only had half of this written, and school has been terrible with those blizzard bag stuff and my grades getting a worse!! Ahhh I didn't even think I would have the time to update but I did write another Movella I just had to please check it out! It's " I Like My Friend's Crush?

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