How It Started

This story is about Megan Ross, her parents were killed, she lost her memory from the killing, then she ends up meeting Kamrin Samules. Will he be able to help her through it?


6. Just a dream?

   I open my eyes to find I'm in my room. "How'd I get here?" I think to myself. I guess everything that happened before was just a dream. I look in the mirror at myself and smile.

I'm home.

I'm safe.

    I jump out of bed and change out of my pjs and into a navy tank with jeans, brush my hair etc. I practically skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. I saw my mom drinking her normal cup of coffee and reading the morning papers and I see my dad eating a banana halfway out the door to the court house for work. I walk up to my mom, and give her a kiss on the cheek. She turns around and smiles at me. My mom is a really pretty lady with hazel eyes and beautiful features I wish I got. Her hair is a dark brown and full of curls while I just have the normal straight hair. I don't have pretty hazel eyes mine are green, like my dads his eyes are green, he has light brown hair and is a handsome man. I got a lot of my dads looks but not really any of my moms. I do though have her personality. Its hard for me and dad to get along since we are so different. My dad has anger issues, and I'm glad that I didn't inherited any of those genes.

"Hi mum, how are you feeling?" I ask her. She looks at me and gives me a small smile,

but I can tell she's hiding it from me "Oh Honey I'm doing so much better" she exclaims.

I glare at her not happy that she isn't being honest with me but for once to make her

fell happy I just let it slide and grabbed two oranges, one for me and the other for her. I took the skin off them, then I pulled each piece apart and put them on two plates.. She thanked me when I gave her the plate, and I sat done next to her on the island in the kitchen. As she was about to take a bite out of her Orange she started coughing, the coughing then turned to hacking and I ran to her side as she was about to fall our of her chair. She coughed and I got coated in some blood, and that's when I knew something was terribly wrong, I steered my mom towards the couch but failed when she fainted in my arms. As I quickly set her face up on the floor I went and grabbed the home cordless phone and called the police.

     They answered on the 3rd ring and I could feel the tears streaming down my face and I was madly sniffling. "911 What's your emergency" the lady said calmly. How could she be so calm! "My mom...she..she" was I could get out before I started hyperventilating. "Hun calm down, and listen to me everything's going to be ok! Just tell me what's wrong with your mom" she said calmly but with hints of worry. "She..she coughed up blood and I don't know what to do" I choked out more tears streaming down my face as I pace back and forth, glancing at my mom every other second. I finally run over to her and check her pulse to make sure she is still intact but when I checked her pulse was getting slower every minute. "I'm calling an ambulance, honey we will do all we can to help your mother ok?" the woman on the phone said. I forgot I was on the phone with her, I was to busy trying to help my mom. "Thank you" I choked out, "Please hurry" The ambulance came quickly so quick it was like they were already near by. As they came in the house they asked me a couple questions of what happened and I tried to explain the best I could through the sniffling. They finally got her into the ambulance and they asked me if I would like to join my mom on the way there. I agreed, and stayed at my mothers side till they told me I had to wait for them to work on her to make her better. I cried and cried in the waiting room. It felt like time wouldn't go any faster. If I lost my mom I don't know what I would've done.

                               '3 hours later'


   They just finished with surgery, but they never told me what happened with her, as much as I pleaded they turned away as if they couldn't hear me. The surgery though was a success and my mother is doing fine. they told me to go home to let her rest,  but I wouldn't leave I couldn't I have to see her. While everyone was distracted I sneaked into my mother's room and I saw her laying in the only bed in the room. She was awake and staring out the window overlooking the Pacific. I walked to her side and put my hand on hers. She looked at me and gave me a small smile, her way of saying she's sorry. "Mom, I love you" I said quietly. She nodded then said "Meg I love you, I want you to never be sad, or cry, just watch out for yourself ok?" I nodded my head tears welling up in my eyes. "Honey can u get me a glass of water, there should be a glass on the table by the door." I nodded and went to go fill up the cup, I went to the drinking fountain to fill up the cup, I walked back into the room to find instead of the beeping indicting a heartbeat all I heard was a long beep. I dropped the cup and ran towards the bed pleading for my mom to wake up. The nurses and doctors stormed into the room, they looked displeased I was in there and they kicked me out so they could again try to save her life.


   '20 minutes later she was declared dead'


    As I sat in the room beside my mothers body, it looked so lifeless and it was. She's dead. I finally mustered enough strength to kiss her on the forehead and head home to where my dad was a waiting of where me and my mom were. As I was walking out the door a doctor stopped me it wasn't my mother's old doctor it was a different one, he asked me to follow him and I did. We walked into what seemed to be a conference room. he sat down at the oak desk and ushered me to sit in one of the chairs before him. I sat down and had a feeling what he was going to tell me isn't good. Doesn't he already know I know my mom is dead, she's gone forever.... "I uh want to tell you something that happened to your father" he said. My heart stopped. "Whha..what happened" I squeaked out. "He..he was in a collision or a car crash, his car was smashed....the drivers side was a direct hit" he said sadly. "Are you saying he's dead?" I said hoping he's joking. "Yes I'm sorry for your loss" Then everything went black

   I woke up screaming and i realized it all was a dream, my mom wasn't dead, my dad either I sighed in relief. I looked around the room and frowned to see I again wasn't in my room I was in...Kamrin's.



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