How It Started

This story is about Megan Ross, her parents were killed, she lost her memory from the killing, then she ends up meeting Kamrin Samules. Will he be able to help her through it?


8. Fate huh?

  It was. Fate was on my side when they gave me Megan. The girl of all my dreams, the light in my dark lonely world. I couldn't possibly live without her, I just have to get to know her.

 We talked in the café for about 3 more hours and endless cups of coffee, and the sun starting to rise I knew it was time to let her go home.

 "Hey the suns starting to rise, I think I'm going to head out, it was nice to meet you though." She said in a sad voice. I stared at her for a moment wondering if I should ask for her number if she wanted to hang again, then I decided. I stupidly replied with "Uh hey...can I have your number? To you know hang out again?" She stared at me for a second then she smiled. She dove her hand into her purse and started to take out a pad of paper and pen, I just grabbed the pen and quickly wrote my number on her hand. She laughed and then started towards he door and left without looking back.


 It was about 2 weeks when she finally came back to me, I was sad that I would never get contact with her again until this point, But when we started talking we couldn't stop, the world would fade and it as just both of us against it. We started to hang out more and I was to the point where I wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend. I was really nervous and I tried to make our coming night the best ever. Well it would've been the best night ever, except she never showed up. I sat at our secret location as endless hours passed our directed time but she never showed. I would glance down at my watch and every second passing broke my heart more. Then I got the call on my phone about her being admitted into the hospital they told me about her parents and that I was the only one in her phone that they could call. They looked up her family history and realized she didn't have any more family for they all have passed. It was just me. I had to take care of her. I didn't know how I was going to do it. She has never been over my house, she doesn't know I live alone. I didn't know how I was going to persuade her to trust me enough to care for her. I don't even know how the hospital will let me take her for a kid my age shouldn't even live alone. That's the reason I got the chance to drug her I signed her out dressed as a doctor and I gave her the liquid. I put sunglasses over her eyes and set her into a wheelchair. I rolled her out to my car and took her home, I made sure to be very careful with her, I knew no matter what I did that if I harmed her I would be harming myself.

 Then that's how it happened, I guess what I'm saying is ya I do love her. It's amazing what overcomes you when you love someone more than you love life itself or at least love someone more than your own.





 I'M SO SO SO SO SOxa trillion SORRY for making this take so long and the chapter being short I just am gona work on the first chapter because it really wasn't that good again I love you all and im sorry!!

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