Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


9. CH.9

What if he was serious?

No... he couldn't be. He was just saying that to make me think he means it. I began cussing under my breath.

Harry always had a way to mess with peoples' mind, especially mine.

"Ugh!" I groaned and fell on the couch. I looked over to the nearest clock, which was one dangling on the wall. It was still morning, yet I had spent most of it with Harry. The constant thought of Harry actually meaning, or not meaning, what he said continuously ran through my mind. "I need to talk to him about this." I mumbled to no one, but myself. I got up, dressed myself, and basically got ready for the day.

I wasn't sure which apartment number he was staying in, so I began to head down to the lobby.

I saw Patricia at the counter. She was Angie's cousin. I guess you could say this apartment building is a 'family business.' "Patricia, I need your help." I said placing my hands on the counter.

"With what?" She asked picking at her nails.

"I need to find someone's apartment number."

"Name?" She still didn't bother to look at me.

"Harry." I said. "Harry..." She asked looking for a last name. "Styles." I said, as though it were obvious.

She stopped with her nails and began searching the computer. "Floor 4, Number 369." She said and began to fiddle with her fingers again.

"Thanks." I said and began to run up the stairs. The elevators were out of order. :<

I continued climbing the stairs until I made it to the forth floor.

I was breathing heavily, showing how out of shape I was. I walked down the halls looking for the door saying '369.'

"357, 359, 361..." I said the numbers as I passed the rooms. "369."

I said once I found the room. I sighed. "What am I going to say?" I asked my self in a whisper. I rested my forehead on the wall next to the door. "Harry, I don't understand-" I thought of what I could say.

"Harry, I'm sorry... ugh no."

"I think I'm just gonna wing it." I said to myself. "Yep."

I lifted myself from the wall and stood in front

Hesitantly, I lightly knocked on the door. I was about to run, and ditch all of this, but the door began to open, and I saw Harry.

"Emma?" He asked, confused.

"Um..." I was at lost of words. "Um, I'll just go. I don't know why I even came up here." I was walking away when he grabbed my wrist from behind. "Don't leave." He said, just above a whisper. I don't know why I listened to him  but I did. I walked towards him, but he still didn't let go of my wrist.

"You can let go now." - "Come inside first." He offered. "Harry, I-"

"Please?" He cut me off. I wasn't sure at first but then I thought, "Eh... it wont be so bad, I suppose."

I sighed and came in. He finally let go off me after leading me to the couch. I was very nervous, knowing he could do anything at any moment. "Would you like some tea?" He asked. "Um.. sure." I smiled. He walked off to the kitchen.

A while later he came back in with two cups. "Thank you." I said once he handed me my cup. "You're welcome." He smiled.

There it is... he's up to something.

"Want me to show you around?" He asked. "Around where?"

I have been in this town longer than he has, so I'm not sure what he has to show me. "The apartment." He laughed.


"Sure." We sat our cups down and he began walking around the apartment. "This is the bathroom."

"This is the laundry room." He said the names of the rooms as we looked in them. "And this is the bedroom." He walked as I stood at the door way. "Come on in." He asked. "Oh, I'm fine here." I said. He took my hand. "Please?" He asked.

I sighed before coming in. I cannot say no to that puppy dog face he was pulling.

I walked in and he let go of my hand, just to press me against the nearest wall. He chuckled as I began cussing. "You were always on to fall for this." He laughed as he place his hands on my sides. "Fuck you." I said. "You just might." He said before leaving multiple kisses on my neck. "You know I can consider this rape?" I threatened. He smirked before replying,

"Not yet."

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