Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


29. CH.29

So far, so good. He hasn't shown a single sign of his old ways. I actually, for once, don't regret trusting him. Tonight were going to meet up with Niall. Its been a while, and I'm excited to see him again. "You ready yet?" Harry yelled from my couch. "Uh, yeah." I said as I finished getting ready. "God, you take forever." He groaned. "It was 30 minutes." I rolled my eyes.

We got into the car and headed to the city. On the drive there, Harry continuously  placed his hand on my thigh, rubbing up and down. "Harry." - "Hmm?" - "Keep your attention to the road." I said, not wanting to pay the hospital a visit instead of Niall. He just chuckled and continued.

We pulled into the parking lot. Niall was waiting outside, though I couldn't see how since it -7468723468 degrees out here.  Not literally, but...

"Hey there you guys are!" Niall greeted us with a hug. "You hungry?" He asked. "When am I not?" I said, pulling out of the hug. He grinned, and Harry, Niall, and I all walked inside.

"Table for three."

"Right this way."

After being seated, we all chatted. "So you guys are back together." Niall grinned. Harry placed his arms on my shoulders, then kissed my cheek. "Yep."

"You guys are too cute."

I couldn't help but tell that Niall had that smoke smell to him. I still haven't found out where he works, or what his job even is. "So what are you doing these days, Niall?" I asked him out of the blue. "Eh, just workin." He said looking down to his hands that rested on the table. "What's your job?" I asked. I wanted to know.

Before he could speak, the waitress walked over and asked what we would like to drink. "We'll have coke." Harry said.

The waitress left, and I put my attention back on Niall, still waiting for him to reply. "Uh, nothing important." He said. Why was he avoiding my question?

A man walked into the building, and spotted Niall. "Shit." He mumbled under his breath. "I'll be right back." He said. Niall stood and left the table, walking outside with the man.

"That was a bit odd." Harry said. I nodded in agreement.

"Well, at least we have the table to ourselves for a couple of minutes." He smirked. Before his lips met my mine, someone cleared their throat. "Your drinks." The waitress said. "Thank you." Harry smiled and gave a nod. "Are you ready to order?" She asked. "Um no, not yet. Our friend isn't back yet." Harry said. She walked off, rolling her eyes.

"Anyway, where were we?" He asked. I giggled as our lips touched. He slipped his hand to my neck. "Is it just me or is it getting heated in here." An Irish accent spoke. "Haha, welcome back, Niall." I said. He grinned.

The food was great, and we all had a wonderful time. "It was good to see you again, Niall." I hugged him, then Harry did as well. "Till next time."

We got back to our apartment. "So, how was dinner?" Harry asked. "I barely got to eat, all I could taste was your lips." I said. He laughed. "Same here. You know, tonight doesn't have to end now." He said as I was pulled closer to him. "Oh?" I smiled.

Five minutes later, we found our selves half naked in his apartment. "I want all of you." Harry groaned as he bit into my lip.

"Then take me."



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