Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


28. CH.28

The week has ended and I have to make my decision. I know I'm not ready, but I did tell him I would give him his answer in a week. In these couple of days he actually has showed me how much he's changed. But for some reason I'm still not convinced.

There was a knock on the door, almost causing me to fly out of my seat. I was extremely nervous right now. I slowly walked towards the door, dreading the fact that I'm going to open it.

"Hiya." Harry said with a wink. He held a bouquet of flowers in his hands. "Uh, hi." I said. "Are you ok?" He asked, obviously being able to see that I was nervous.

"Heh, yeah, jut fine." I smiled and invited him in. "These are for you." He handed me the flowers. "Oh, thank you."

I took out a vase from the kitchen cabinet and filled it with water, placing the flowers in afterwards. "So." Harry said.

He's had this smile on his face ever since I opened the door, maybe even longer. "So?" I asked. "Have you made up your mind?" He asked.

Honestly, no. But I need to answer him anyways. "Um, y-yeah." I sat on the couch followed by Harry. "You don't seem so sure. Do you need another day?" He asked. "No, no." I smiled. "Ok." He said as he got comfortable.

It was silent until he gestured me to answer. "Oh, right. Um.." I was hesitating. I want to say yes, but I'm still scared.

What if this week was all just an act? What if he goes back to Harry I knew long before. "Emma." Harry said. "Hm. Oh yeah."

"So, are you going to give me another chance?" I bit my lip as he asked. I sighed before I answered. "Yeah."


Short chapter, i know. Long waiting time, i know. Im really sorry but im getting major writers block on this. I'll try my best to keep this story going. Thanks for sticking around <3

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