Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


8. CH. 8

I woke up this morning to expect Harry to still  be laying next to me, but it was no surprise that he wasn't. I sighed, out of relief but also disappointment. I guess he left sometime during the night. I shuffled in bed, trying to get warmer in the sheets, but had no luck.

When I was about to fall asleep again, I heard shuffling in the kitchen. I slid the covers off and walked slowly into the living room. I saw the back of a curly haired guy, and instantly knew that it was Harry. I smiled, though I'm sure it wouldn't last long. I shuffled over to the couch and grabbed the remote then turned on the T.V.

"Well, look who finally decided to wake up." Harry said from the kitchen. There was no wall dividing the living room from the kitchen, but just a counter with cabinets sitting above. I gave a sarcastic smile to him, as he just laughed. "I made breakfast." He said, placing the food on a plate.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

I saw him smirk as he finally walked into the living room. He sat the plate in his lap and began eating. It was a bit awkward... considering he was sitting there eating. And I wasn't....

I looked over to him. "Yes?" He asked. "Nothing..." I said and looked away.

I thought he had made enough for two, but I guess not. .-.

I stood from the couch. "What'cha doing?" He asked. "Getting me some damn food." I mumbled. He smirked and shook his head as he looked back to his plate to take another bite.

"Twat." I mumbled low enough for him to not hear as I walked into the kitchen and began to make myself something to eat. I decided on oatmeal.

After making it, I walk back into the living room to see harry slouched back on the couch. "When are you going to leave?" I asked. "Why so pushy to get me out?" He asked. "That's what he said." I giggled. Harry rolled his eyes. "Careful, just might happen. Again." He mumbled the last part to where I had trouble figuring out what he said. This time I rolled my eyes, "But, really, when are you leaving?" I asked. "Um, I don't know... I think I might stay here for a few more days." He smiled. "Why?" I asked, quite loudly. "You said you have you're own apartment." I said. "Eh, doesn't quite feel like home yet. But here it does."

"And why is that?" I crossed my arms. "'Cause I'm with you." He looked down to his hands.

I wasn't sure if I should feel flattered, annoyed, or sorry. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, so I just closed it. He looked back up to me.

I looked away, with my eyes closed. "Dammit." I mumbled. Harry sniffled. I looked over to him. His eyes were becoming a bit watery.

He better stop this. I cant handle it when he cries.

And he knows this.

"I see what you're doing." I said. He sniffled and wiped one of his eyes. "W-what?" He asked. He is the best faker, ever.

"You're trying to mess with me, make me think you really mean it."

He stood and walked over to me. "I do mean it." His face showed an emotion which was a mixture of upset, anger, and sad. Harry opened the door and walked out.

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