Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


6. CH. 6

I lay in bed, paranoid that Harry may come bursting through my door at any moment. I close my eyes and snuggle deeper into my blanket. I sigh before falling asleep.

It was morning, and I was laying on my stomach, blankets tangled around my waist, and a bit of drool was oozing from my mouth. "Ew." I wiped my mouth and sat up. I stretched with my arms high in the air. Today was an off day for me, so in other words, movie day!

I slowly got out of bed and grabbed a blanket. I walked into the living room, and grabbed the case of DVD's out of the cabinet next to the T.V.

As I flipped through the movies I heard a knock on the door. I stood from the floor an walked over to the door. Before opening it, I looked through the peephole to see who it was.


Great. (Hint the sarcasm.)

I rolled my eyes then opened the door. "Oh, you look like death." He said. "What do you want?" I ignored his 'offensive' comment. Though coming from him, I took it as a compliment. "You know what I want, Emma. You've known for while." He said, but seriously. I knew he was referring to me. "Well, that item is out of stock, can I help you with anything else?" I joked. He rolled his eyes before forcing himself inside my apartment. "Excuse you." I said.

"What are we doing today?" He asked. "You're leaving, I'm watching movies."

"Ooh, The Notebook." He flipped through the movies, completely ignoring me. I tapped my foot, arms crossed. He looked up at me from the couch and smirked, then continued to look through the DVDs. "Harry!" I shouted. "What, babe?" He asked.

"Don't call me that, and I want you to leave." I said. "But I just got here. How about this," He came over to me and pushed me to the couch. He grabbed a blanket and tucked me into the couch. "You sit here all cozy, I'll put in a movie and make breakfast." He smiled. "I'm not 5." I said, annoyed.

"I know sweetheart." He leaned in front me, arms on either side of my head. "Stop calling me those names." I said. I felt so uncomfortable when he said those words.

"I'll call you whatever I damn please." Anger was visible in his voice. I decided to just shut up and go with whatever he was doing. I'm not risking the chance of him spazzing out and yelling at me. I cant stand being yelled at. It makes me feel worthless and I just end up wanting to crawl in a ball and cry.

"Are we clear?" He asked, calmly. I just nodded. "Good." He smiled and put in a movie the headed to the kitchen. I leaned my head back against the couch as the previews played through.

"I made bacon, sausage, eggs, and I also poured some orange juice for us." Harry walked in with trays of food in his hands "Um, thanks." I said. I tried pulling out my arms but the blanket was so tight I couldn't move. "Now, now. No trying to move." He said. "Then how am I supposed to eat?" I asked. "I'll feed you." He got a fork full of food and held it to my mouth. "Open." He said. -______________-

"Open, dammit." He spoke again. I slowly opened my mouth as he stuck the fork in my mouth. "Good, girl. Now chew." He said.

"This is stupid." I said. "No talking with your mouth full of food." He said. I swallowed before speaking. "Harry. This is ridiculous. Just let me feed myself." I exclaimed.

"No, I'm being nice. Now open." He said putting the fork up to my mouth again. I groaned before taking the bite.

He sat the plate down and grabbed the remote. Harry then took a seat next to me, very close actually. He draped an arm around my shoulders. I tried scooting away, though it was difficult tucked in this blanket. He stopped me from moving and pulled me closer then before. He hit play on the remote. I felt like a child sitting next to pedophile babysitter.

"Harry?" I said mid-way through the movie. "Hmm?" He asked shifting to get comfortable. "I have to pee." I watched him as he turned his head to look at me. He thought for a moment then stood. He grabbed onto the side of me, picking me up to stand straight. Harry unwrapped the blanket from around me and turned me round to face the bathroom.

"Well, walk!" He said. I jumped and began to put one foot in front of another until I reached the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" I asked. From what it looked like, I think he was trying to go into the restroom with me. "This is my personal room." I said. "Alright, but don't be too long. You'll miss the movie." He said. I closed the door and sat on the toilet.

Yes, I really had to pee. It wasn't just an excuse.



When I finished up in the bathroom I opened the door to find Harry sitting on the couch. He had his legs plopped up on the rest of the seating. I decided to walk into the kitchen to get a soda. "Hey! What are you doing?" Harry called. "Getting a drink." I replied. "Will you get me one?" He asked.

Who the hell does he think I am? I am not his provider, that's for sure!


Well, it's not like I really had a choice.

I grabbed two sodas and went back to the living room. Harry was still taking up the whole couch. "Ehem." I cleared my throat. "What?" He asked, completely clueless. I gestured to his legs taking up all the space. "Oh, you can sit my lap." He winked. I rolled my eyes and tossed him the bottle. I sat on the floor with my back against the couch. "Emma..." He sang.

"What?" I sang back. "Come here." He patted his lap. "Why should I?" I asked, coldly. "Because I said so." Harry snapped.

Good one, Harry. You should be lawyer.

I stood up and took a seat in his lap. I squirmed a bit to get comfortable. "Keep doing that we may end up in your bedroom." Harry smirked. I gave him a look of disgust, but then turned my head back to the T.V.

So much for my movie day.



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