Wishful Thinking

I never expected to see him again. I thought I had lost him for good. I thought I was free.
But, I guess it was just wishful thinking.
-(*warning* ~ suggested rating: 15+ - for sexual scenes, drug use, violence, language)-


12. CH. 12

"Well, you heard Niall. We have some catching up to do."

Harry took his hand off the door and walked over to me. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention. I was too busy looking and the necklace dangling from my neck. "Do you like it?" He asked.

Instead of answering his question, I just stated what was on my mind. "Its my birth stone." I fiddled with the jewelry. He smiled, and it was a cute, warm smile. He gently took the necklace from my hand, and looked over it. "Yeah." He took his eyes from the necklace and placed his view on me. "Do you like it?" He asked again.

"No." I said. I looked up at him. His face dropped, and he looked confused, but also sad. "Oh." He sighed.

I smiled and giggled. "What?" He asked. "I love it, Harry."

His expression lightened from what it was. "You worried me." He said.

"Heh, you didn't let me finish what I was saying." I said. He nodded. "Um," He began to say, but hesitated before continuing. "I got the necklace as an apology." I wasn't sure what exactly he was apologizing for, but it finally came to me. "I should get going back to my apartment." I was about to walk towards the door, but Harry put out his arm, preventing me from getting to the door. He pulled me into a hug.

I hugged back, gently. "Why don't you stay for a little bit more?" He whispered.

"I have to feed my fish." I said. We were still hugging. "You don't have a fish." He said, with no emotion, obviously knowing that it was just an excuse to leave. I sighed, still holding onto him, since he wouldn't let go of me.

"My legs hurt." I said. They really did, from standing for so long. He didn't saying anything, but instead picked me up and sat on the couch. We were still in the ever lasting hug. "Harry." I mumbled. "Hmm?" He seemed sleepy. "I really need to go. I don't pay 200 dollars rent to stay in someone else's apartment."

"Then move in with me." He said. I huffed out a bit air, knowing that he wouldn't give up on trying to get me to stay the night. "Fine." I mumbled. He pulled from the hug, quite quickly I might add. His grip was strong on my arms. "You'll really move in with me?" He asked. He looked so excited. "What?" I was confused at first, but then thought over our recent conversation.

"Oh, no. I meant I will stay over. I need to get back to my apartment sooner or later." I said. He looked annoyed.

"Then how about I move in with you?" He asked. "Harry..." - "I don't have anything, yet. And I will help you pay the rent." He held my hands in his. "I don't know, Harry."

"Please, Emma. I just want to be near you."

I didn't know what to do. I despise Harry, but I also love him.... way deep down. There was a reason I ran that night.

I guess I wont ever escape him. And honestly, I don't want to.

"Emma?" Harry asked, dragging me out of my thought by my hair.  "Hmm?" I asked. "Are you ok?" He asked.

"Um, yeah." I swallowed the small amount of saliva building up. Harry sighed and stood. "What are you doing?" I asked him. He held out his hand for me to take. I hesitated before holding it and he pulled me up, off the couch.

He directed me to his bed room. I stood in the middle of the room as he dug threw the dresser that was filled with clothes from his suit case. "Here," He handed me a familiar shirt. I took it. "You can change into that and the bed is all made. I'll be in the living room if you need me." He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

I looked over the shirt, and saw that it was the one he lent me the first time I ever spent the night over at his house. I smiled, thinking over the good memories we had. But all good things end sooner or later, right?

I sighed and undressed. I slid on the shirt, which stopped at mid-thigh.

I crawled under the blankets and tried to fall asleep. 

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