The Hogwarts 8 year 1, 2, and 3

Sequel to, "you're turn at Hogwarts";
8 Hogwarts students come to Hogwarts as friends, but they start to hear voices, saying they're the 4 Hogwarts founders, depending on which house they're in. Will they decide to listen? Or will they ignore the voices and go with what they think? Read this movella to find out.


12. The feast; Reena

It was a fun ride, but this time, when we got there, we got to eat first. It was fun, getting to be the first ones to eat. They let in the second years first, and then the third, and so on. The firsts are always last, since they had to get sorted. We got to enjoy the feast first! It was a very good start to the year. But at the same time, I was worried, because we had heard something about the chamber if secrets. I had done some research on the chamber of secrets, and apparently it was made by Salazar Slytheryn himself, since he disagreed to let just anybody study magic, so he made a chamber in the castle, which was home to a monster, and it would go around petrifying muggle-born people. I'm worried, because the leader of the team, Micah, is a muggle-born, and if he goes, then I don't know what we'll do. Also, Brittney Ann is muggle born. I don't want one of my best friend to die! I bet even Jay doesn't want Brittney Ann to die. But I know this, when the chamber was last opened, someone was expelled, and a muggle-born died. It's not going to happen again! I thought that it would be easy to find out that, but what if it wasn't opened. What if the true heir of slytheryn hadn't returned to Hogwarts. What if this was a bog mix-up? Nobody will ever know, until the end of the year, when we know everything is alright again. I forgot to tell you. To be safe, Dumbledore put us in a privet dormitory's  One for the girls, one for the boys, and our own common room. It's a lot smaller then the house common rooms, but it is great for 8 people. So now, we have a place that we can talk about our "Special abilities" and not be seen. Nobody can know about us. Not even our parents know about us. Dumbledore said it's safer that way. None of our parents work at school, and so we're safe. And, the head of our house, is Lockheart. Easy! He's famous, and so he'll just go on and on about himself, and about his greatest accomplishments  and we don't have to do anything, because to him, we're famous! Like I said;


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