The Hogwarts 8 year 1, 2, and 3

Sequel to, "you're turn at Hogwarts";
8 Hogwarts students come to Hogwarts as friends, but they start to hear voices, saying they're the 4 Hogwarts founders, depending on which house they're in. Will they decide to listen? Or will they ignore the voices and go with what they think? Read this movella to find out.


4. Something's up!

It was a lovely feast. Everybody loved it! They knew it was going to work out. Micah thought that he was going crazy though. He heard voices, saying that they were Rowena Ravenclaw, and the other Hogwarts Founders. Brynna heard the same thing. "I am Helga Hufflepuff. How do you like it a my school? Even though you're in Godric's house, not as spectacular as you think?" she kept saying. It was really weird to everybody, since they had no idea what was going on, but that didn't stop the 2 ravenclaw's in the group. The next day, after classes, they only had a little bit of homework, which they could finish in minutes, so after classes, they met everybody at the library. 

"I think we all know what's going on, well, kind of."

said Brody. 

"I think I know what is happening. We could be the Hogwarts 8. We are some of the only wizards that are related to all 4 of the Hogwarts founders. You probably have heard voices saying they're one of the founders, right? I know why. The Hogwarts 8 come every 100 years, and they are to protect the chosen one. They are there to give to the chosen one. We are here only to protect him. We are able to talk to the founders, and the founders can protect the chosen one."

"This means"

Reena interrupted

"That we can talk to the ancestors, and that we can keep harry potter safe, by using powers that we don't get until all of us turn 15, and they can take us back in time at 14, but for now, we can only talk to the founders now, they can reply back. The only problem is, we don't know who the chosen one is. And that's what we're going to find out."And they all left for dinner.

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