The Hogwarts 8 year 1, 2, and 3

Sequel to, "you're turn at Hogwarts";
8 Hogwarts students come to Hogwarts as friends, but they start to hear voices, saying they're the 4 Hogwarts founders, depending on which house they're in. Will they decide to listen? Or will they ignore the voices and go with what they think? Read this movella to find out.


8. Author's note

Hey guys!

It's me, Potterhead74.

I'm going to start telling the stories from the person's point of view, and it will say who in the chapter. I hope you have enjoyed this movella!

I want to thank my character makers, the people who's characters are in the story. Thank you! I always have trouble thinking of characters who are original. Thank's so much! 

That's it! 


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