Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


2. Today is different

I wake up to the light jingle of a incoming Skype call, like I have for the past two weeks. Every morning Katrina calls me on skype before she goes to school, since her time zone is two hours behind me we are able to talk before she goes to school. But today is different, today I'm going to claim Kat for myself. I answer the call.

Small talk, for about an hour we chat about life and family and then we start to giggle and blush and act all cute together, this is my chance.

"Hey um Kat..?"

"Meow? Heh yes Andrew?"

"I know we're far apart and all, but I would love to call you my girlfriend"

I look at her on my computer screen and see her smile and her green eyes flicker as she sais yes.

I smile a big nerdy grin and cover my face. I hear her mother call her in the backround so she gave me her number and closed skype.

I text her all night. I am so happy.

(Kat's p.o.v)

Andrew is amazing, I don't think I have ever met someone like him before. His blue eyes are so clear even on webcam. His hair is black and short so you see his stretched ears. He has a lot of tattoos. I only have two, but I have more piercings then him.

I hang up the skype call and sigh. I smile and look in the mirror at myself. My history written on my left arm peeks out as I remove my long sleeve pj shirt. I hold my arm and brush my bumpy forearm with the tip of my pinkie. I haven't since I met him. With him in my life all I feel is joy. I throw on a band tank top over my bra and cover my left arm with bracelets. Already wearing some knee long shorts so I slip into my sandals and grab my backpack. The bus is already waiting for me outside. I jump onto a seat beside mike. "Hey short stuff." I punch him lightly. Mike is six foot five so he calls me short stuff. "Thanks for coming with me to the pride parade Hun." I smile. " anytime Miley my man." We laugh. Mike is gay, if you haven't noticed. He convinced me to dye my hair rainbow.

We get off the bus and someone tugs on my hair as I walk down the hallway. I turn around to see mike grab some prick by the shirt and tell him something. Then let's him go. The guy shouts "the skank and the queer!" I laugh, " maybe we should have tee shirts." Mike sais and I poke his arm. We go to class.

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