Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


6. the wait.

I walk into the tattoo and piercing shop.

"Hey hey man, I have no appointments today and I was wondering if I could practice a new technique on you." My buddy Ethan calls over to me.

"Sure man I just have snakebites at ten then il be your sketchbook."

I walk into my room and setup all my stuff. I get two lip studs and a 15 looking guy walks in with his dad.

"Hi, I'm here for my snakebites." He nervously looks at me.

"Why so scared man, I did your eyebrow good dident I? Haha" I smile and pat the chair. He sits down. I disinfect his bottom lip and Pierce his lip one on each side. I pass him the mirror and he touches his lip

"Thanks again man, they look awesome!" I pass him a bag with a bottle of disinfectant and my card.

"Haha anytime man! Cya." They walk out.

I walk into Ethan's studio and say loudly "SIR YOUR CANVAS HAS ARRIVED" he laughs, and I lay on his chair.

"So what's in store today Ethan?" He points at a sheet with a sick bat drawing then points under one of my collar bones.

"A heart bat, it protects from harm. Plus I need to work on shading for this dragon I'm doing next week." I agree and he works on the bat till eight thirty.

"It is done!" He hands me a mirror and I sit up, this guy is a true artist.

"That's sick as fuck man." He smiles a proud smile and I say my goodbyes. I walk up to my boss.

"Hey, do you think I could take a couple weeks off to go on a trip? I have the vacation time saved." He looks at me, it looks like he is thinking.

"As long as you get all your piercings done before you leave." I smile and thank him. Then I head home.

When I get home I put some cream on my tattoo. I lay down and call my collage.

(Phone call)

S-school. A-Andrew

S- hello?

A- hey, I've called to cancel my collage. I've decided to stick with my profession now.

S- and your name?

A- Andrew Sykes

S- ok, we will remove you from the system and refund your collage as soon as possible.

A- ok thank you, bye.

~hangs up~

Andrew puts the phone down. Gets on his computer and listens to music while he packs his bags for his trip. Thinking about her makes him smile like it is permanently tattooed there too.

(Kat's p.o.v)

Me, mike and his boyfriend where hanging out in my room playing video games. They are playing grand theft auto running around hitting people with cars. I was texting with Andrew.

A-so I got my plane tickets today.

K-ah I'm so excited babe!

A- I'm excited to be able to hold you.

K- awe :)

A-I gotta go, the guys need me at work. I can't wait to see you!

K-bye baby

"Kitty cat, do you guys have any food in this place?" I hear mike yell from downstairs. I walk down and see every cupboard open except where the food is.

"My parents moved the cleaning supplies to the garage so the food is where they used to be." I point at the closed cupboard. He laughs and opens it. I open the fridge to grab coolers for us and I hear sexual moaning. I look over the fridge door and see mike making out with a bag of chips.

"Oh baby, it's been so long. I've missed you. I'm ready for you, get inside me!" He says between kisses. I start laughing holding onto the fridge door.

"YOU NEVER SUPPORTED MY LOVE! C'mon baby, we don't have to deal with this peasant any longer." He walks upstairs all sassy laughing so hard he almost falls.

I sigh after laughing for a little longer and grab the drinks. I go up the stairs to find mike making out with zac.

"Haha get a room your mush is prohibited in the eyes of a kitten" mike puts up his middle finger and zac laughs. We play online grand theft auto five trolling people all night. We got a little tipsy and ended up dancing around and laughing.

(Mikes p.o.v)

Zac smiles at me as we dance around. He sits down and looks sleepy.

"Hey Kat can we stay over tonight?" She nods.

"If you get anything on my parents Bed your cleaning it. That's my only rule haha." We walk down the stairs. I look over at zac and he bites his lip and pushes me against the wall. He sticks his hand down my pants and starts to rub me. I moan. Then I pick him up and lay him in bed. Kicking the door closed I take off my shirt

"Will I live up to that bag of chips?" Zac looks at me, his pale naked body lays on the bed. I smile and get ontop of him. I whisper "we will see." I kiss him.

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