Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


5. months pass

-six months pass, every thirt weekend mike drives out with Kat to visit zac. Kat and Andrew skype every day or two.-

Andrews p.o.v

"Andrew I wish I could just hold you." Kat looks at me and I see her tear up.

"Baby don't cry, please don't cry. I love you so much." That was the first time I've ever said that word to someone. Besides my mom. She looks up at me and smiles then starts to cry.

"I just need you here. With me." She rolls to her side, sobbing into her pillow.

" I get my pay cheak this weekend, I could fly there!" She looks up at me and starts to laugh.

"You would spend money to come see me?" She plays with her now green and black hair.

" I would do anything for you baby." I stare into the camera with a smirk. She smiles and covers her face.

"Well next week my parents go out to Mexico for three weeks. Then they come back and you could meet them. And we would get some alone time to go on dates and stuff." She kisses the camera.

" I'm so excited!" We both say at the same time.

She has to go so we hangup. I get up and change my plugs into my jet black tunnels and throw on a leather jacket over my pierce the veil shirt. My older brother thinks it's funny I wear other bands t shirts and not just his. I throw on some acid wash ripped jeans and my black vans and head out to work.

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