Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


3. Mikey moo

Mikes p.o.v

I get home to see my parents sitting on the couch with my grandparents. I quickly throw off my shoes and run upstairs. But my grandpa'a voice is really loud so I can hear it.

"That son of yours is going to hell Steven, god hates homosexuals." He says quite proudly. I hear paper ruffling,

" send him here. Do it for the family Steven, do it for your mother"

"Don't talk about mom like that dad! You know she supported Michel no matter what. And frankly, so do we! I'm not sending my son to some Christian queer camp! If my sons just going throught a phase then let him. If this is him now then so be it!"my dad yells

I hear paper ripping and then a door opening and slamming. I run downstairs. I sit on the side chair and curl my toes over the flip out foot spot. "Thanks pap, and can I borrow the car tomorrow for the parade?" I say smiling and playing with my rainbow ring Kat got me for my birthday. "As long as it doesing get paint on it like last year.." I jump up and hug his tall lanky body. I am taller then him and my mother but he is still really tall. "Thank you papa. Il park far away but Kat will make me carry her" we laugh slightly and he pats me on the back.

Kat texts me.

K-Kat. M-mike

K: heyo

M: hello beautiful

K: whatcha doing long stock

M: watching skins, wbu?

K: skypeing my new boyfriend! Heh

M: ooh who's the lucky man????

K: you should come over some time and I will show him to you!

M:sure thing sweetie, so you aloud to come tomorrow? I got my pops car!!

K:yea I'm aloud! Anything for my brotha!

M: thank ya pip squeek

K: haha squeek squeek

M: lol, my grandfather is at it again ugh .-.

K: I can't deal with religious people that don't think for themselves !

M: Ikr! Like I don't care if your religious as long as you don't Smash your beliefs in my face and you can have sex before marriage!

K: bow chicks wow wow ;D

M: you dirty hoe! Haha

K: hey I just showered!

M: remember when we went to the pool and both of our hair started to turn the pool rainbow?!

K: haha yea then we got kicked out!!

M: yea hah, we need to re dye our weaves girl!

K: weaves? I thought u said wives and yea I just got new dye.

M: Kk

K: come over we can do it now!

M: ok be there in ten.

K: cya then

M: until we meet again >:D

K: haha creeper

Kat's p.o.v

I sit on my bed. Hair still damp from my shower. Talking to him,.

"Hello beautiful" Andrew says so cutely I hide my blushing face behind a pillow.

"Heya cutie, how was your day?"

"It was good, my teachers a witch but I got my speech handed in finally." He has a mini celebration.

"Hey babe wanna meet my best friend?" I say looking at my phone briefly then staring into his eyes on the computer screen.

"Sure thing, anything for you." He smiles the most adorable little grin as he plays with a pen. I hear a knock at the door, I tell Andrew that's he is here.

"Hey Mikey moo, ready to meet him?" I say grabbing his hand. He nods as we sit down on my bed.

"Hey your hair matches! Haha sweet" Andrew sais as I'm grabbing my dye off of my side table.

"Yea it's for the pride parade tomorrow, I'm bringing Kat so I'm not alone. And if your wondering, yes I'm gay hah." Mike and Andrew and me talk as we re dye our rainbow hair. I think they get along and that's a good thing. Mike ends up staying the night on the couch in my room. I end up falling asleep on skype and wake up on skype with Andrew.

"Good morning love." He smiles. I smile back, stretching and throwing balled up paper at mike."wake up ya boob" he opends his eyes and stretches. He jumps off the couch wearing his rainbow boxers and throws on some shorts.

"I'm going to go home and get the stuff for the parade, or you could get dressed and we could get ready there.." I look at him and chose to get ready at his house.

"Bye baby! Have fun at your parade!" Andrew says. " I will! Talk to you tomorrow." I hangup and shoo mike out of my room so I can get changed. I don't really care if he sees me in my underwear but I'm changing my bra into my black one with rainbow straps. I throw on a bunch of bracelets on and my black short skirt with shorts under. I throw on a white tee shirt and put a black bow in my hair. I also change my lip piercing so it's a little silver stud instead of my hoop. I throw on some black vans and light eyeliner with rainbow eye shadow. I run out to the car and mike runs inside and gets ready. We drive all the way to the docks where the ferry is and we drive onto the deck.

Once we arrive at the other side of the lake we drive for three hours to the parade.

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