Age unharmed

Andrew skyes, brother of Oliver Skyes, meets a girl online and falls in love. With some complications along the way they end up long distance relationship. But there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Adventure/romance

A lot of sexual content...
Pg 13/14.


7. I've been waiting for this moment.

Andrews p.o.v

"Tomorrow's the big day Andrew, you get to see her, the love of your life, please please don't screw this up." I say to myself as I pack my bags to go to Kat's house for a couple weeks before meeting her parents, so I meet her and her friends before her parents. I'm still freaking out, but when I see her face, all my nerves float away.

I set my bags by the doorway of my apartment, I walkover to my couch and sit down to clear my mind I watch some soul eater, texting Kat before I have to go to sleep.

My alarm sounds. "CAN YOU FEEL, CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART." I laugh, my brother changed my alarm to one of his bands songs, of corse. I have a shower and brush my teeth. I walk to my bedroom and throw on some black jeans and a white crown the empire shirt. I almost forget to pack my plugs so I grab my super man plugs, my pokeball plugs, some white ones and some jet black ones. I put in my pentagram plugs and slip on my black vans. I throw on a blue and black flat brim hat.

I turn off all the lights in my apartment, grab my bags and walk out the door. Locking the door behind me I get on the bus to the airport.

I'm actually doing this...

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