Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


18. What next?

Izzy's P.O.V

I break from the hug, I thought I told him I wasn't gonna come home. What doesn't he understand?

"I can't" I say turning away from him. He puts his hand on my shoulder, He turns me around and kisses me. I never want to stop kissing him, He doesn't understand that I need to go. I can't stay.

"Please." He pleads.

"Vic, I can't, because if I do, I go to jail." I say while a few tears rolls down my cheek, He wipes them away and kisses my cheek.

"We can do something, so you don't have to go." He smiles as if he actually has hope in that plan. I turn around and grab my bag off of the ground.

"There's no way I can get out of this." I look over at our school and notice a cop car sitting in the parking lot, I start freaking out."DID YOU CALL THEM?" I scream at Vic. He looks over to where I'm looking and shakes his head.

"I swear I didn't" The cop looks over at us, after I yell.

"You two, Why are you out this late?" He says while getting out of his car. I run straight for Vic's car, I jump in and close the door. Vic runs after me and gets in, I lock the doors.

"Drive." I say. he starts the car.

"Where to?" He says while pulling away from the side walk.

"Anywhere but here." I feel my eye lids get heavy, I close my eyes and fall in to a deep sleep.


I wake up in my bed, back at the house. I feel a anger build up in side of me, I told him I couldn't stay here. I jump out of bed and open my door, I march down stairs to find Julia, Vic,Jim and Kayla all sitting at the table.

"Izzy come sit." Jim says, I walk over and sit in the only open seat left. 

"What's this all about?" I say while pulling myself in closer to the table.

"So yesterday, Kayla and I were gone all day." I nod after Jim says that. "Well we went a talked to judge." I nod wanting him to continue." Since we haven't fully adopted you, You still belong to Foster care. So they decided maybe it's best if you just go to a group home for a while, and not Jail. They think it just might be our family that is making you a bit crazy, That all this might be a little bit over whelming. I close my eyes, trying not to cry.

"Thank you so much." I open my eyes and let a few tears fall. I truly love these people. 

"Hun, your like a daughter to us, We will do anything for you." Kayla says, I smile at her. Vis opens his mouth like he's gonna say something, but nothing comes out. I get up and so does everyone else. I hug Kayla and Jim, ans thank them once again. I go up to my room to pack my bag to go to the group home. I don't think this is gonna be that bad, I mean being away from Vic will really suck, But he can visit right?. Vic walks in to my room.

"Izzy." Whenever he starts with my name, It's something important. I stop packing at look up at him."I have a plan, to get you out of this." I sigh, he doesn't understand that there isn't anyway out of this. 

"Vic, sit." I point over to my bed, I get up from the ground and walk over to my bed and sit down right after him." you need to understand that this time, there is no way out. Okay? Don't be to upset, I'll be gone for a little while. I want you to be able to move on, move on from me. I don't want you to wait for me. I want you to be happy. Can you do that?" I smile trying to hide how hard that was to say that.  This time he's the one crying, I wipe his tears, I kiss his cheek then I grab my bag off of the floor and leave the room. I walk down to the front door and open it, I see Kayla and Jim already sitting in the car to drive me. I get in the back and Vic and Julia come running out and get in also, wouldn't it be smarter to not bring them? They might try to make me stay. This is just going to make it harder for me to say goodbye. I can't handle that, Can't handle see their tears, and then saying goodbye. I honestly don't know when I'm gonna see these people again, when I'll get out of this group home. When I'll be aloud to go home. I really did like it there, It made me feel like I belonged. 

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