Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


12. Ryan he's mine

Ryan is mine.

Claire’s P.O.V

I honestly think Izzy is dead. She’s gone, I know it. I should have never let her follow me outside. I can’t believe she would ever do something like this for me. I love her, Like the sister I never had. I would be nothing without her. She was always so kind hearted, She always thought of other’s before herself. That’s why I loved her. I haven’t been able to go to the hospital to see her yet, I don’t think I could handle seeing my best friend like that. Even know it’s all my fault. I hated Ryan, and when I bought stuff from him I totally forgot about him raping Izzy. I wasn’t thinking of her when I made that mistake. When she brought it up in that room I remember all the details she told me, Everything. I felt so bad about this all, she deserves a way better best friend. I want to leave, I mean really just grab my shit and go. Out of town, forever. I believe Izzy’s life, Everyone’s life would be better without. I’m just that dumb blonde who is also a druggy, slut, drunk. I’m useless, I really see no purpose of me being here anymore. I already said sorry to Vic, now I really just need to talk to Ryan. I pick up my phone and dial his number.

“Hello?” He says in his sexy voice. Okay I know what he did to Izzy, but he wasn’t all cold hearted. I loved him, I hated what he did to Izzy. But I’m crazy about this boy.

“Hey babe, I talked to her new idiot Boyfriend.” I say making my way to my car.

“Great, and just know babe I would never hurt you” I knew yesterday was all an act, when I texted him that I was with Izzy, he wanted to hurt her. Not me, so I told him where we were, and I acted like it was a real deal. He really just wanted to hurt her and only her, not me.

“I know, I’ll be there soon.” I say with my sex voice. I wanted him, I guess him being all strong and controlling really turned me on. I quickly went over to his house, where we were yesterday. I honestly didn’t really give a shit about Izzy anymore, she left me. She moved away when I needed her the most. I hated her for that. All I could think about was Ryan’s body against mine, him inside me. I shivered at the thought, goose bumps covering my body. I wasn’t happy to see Izzy like that, or to have made it happen to her. But she deserved it! For leaving me!

I arrived at Ryan’s house, I saw a white car that I have seen before, I think my sister has one just like that. I quickly got out and ran to the door thirsty for him, not wanting to waste any of the time I had, I just wanted to be with him. I ran in to his room to find another girl on top of him. I gasped. The girl got off and turned to me, It was my sister.

“YOU SLUT!” I screamed as I ran over to her and grabbed her by the hair and attempted to pull her away from him. She kicked me, which made me collapse to my knee’s.

“That’s get on your knee’s bitch!” I felt someone moving closer to me. It was Ryan he picked me up and sat me on the bed.

“Both of you, stop. Your sisters.” I have never seen this side of him before. So kind, caring. I leaned in and kissed him passionately, forgetting about him just a few seconds ago sucking my sisters face. We broke for air.

“So three people in a bed tougher”  He winked, wait wait wait was he referring to a three some? WITH MY SISTER? Never happening.

“I’m up for it” I looked at my sister in shock.

“Honestly?!?!? Your my fucking sister! Gross!” I got up from the bed and started running to the front  door.

“Babe! I was only kidding.” Ryan runs fast to me, grabs me with force and pushes me up against the wall. Damn I didn’t want to give in to this, he was bad news. The bad boy image turned me on, I started kissing him until my sister walked out and grabbed his arm.

“come on you don’t need her” I pulled away when she said that. I glared at her.

“Bitch, he’s mine.” I pushes Ryan off and went at my sister full speed and tackled her. I sat on top of her holding her hands down. She tried kicking my back.

“Now, he’s mine. Back off.” I spat in her face, I got up and grabbed her by the hair once she got up too. I opened the door and threw her out. She fell to her ass, I laughed and closed the door and locked it.

“That’s was hot.” Ryan says while making his way over to me. We went straight to his room, a few minutes later we were both naked. We fucked three times before I couldn’t anymore. We laid in his bed, talking about everything. My hand in his, fit perfectly. I loved him. So damn much. I smiled at my awesome life. Perfect boyfriend, almost dead fuck up of a best friend. I Was also a bad ass now too, and I loved every minute of it. 

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