Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


6. Last day of school.

Izzy P.O.V

It was finally the last day of school before summer break. My alarm went off full blast, I got up from my bed and walked over to my window to shut it off. Julia enters my room and starts jumping on my bed.

"What's got you all happy?" I say while making my way to the small closet in my room.

"J-jake asked me to be his gir-girlfriend" She sits down on my bed, her still smiling.

"That's great" I smile, I'm truly happy for her. Now maybe she will leave me and Vic alone for once.

"LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!" She yells. I jump not excepting her to yell that loud.

"Yeah" I smile.

"Ready to go" Vic walks in my room and looks at both of us.

"Two minutes" I say shoving him out of my room. I throw on a pair of light wash jeans and black veil brides band tee. I slip on some black vans, and walk out of my room as Julia follows me she asks.

"So any plans this summer?" I turn back to her.

"Oh nothing much, what about you?" I turn back to walk down the stairs.

"Well.. I'm going to a summer camp with Sara" I stop at the bottom of the stairs and stare at her

"I never thought someone like you would go to a camp" She rolls her eyes.

"Well I am." She walks past me right to the front door. I smile, this summer will be amazing without Julia. I was at the front door and open it slowly to find Jake standing there.

"Why are you here?" I say looking down at the ground.

"Julia wanted me to get her purse" he smiles, of course that's why he is here, it has nothing to do with me. I close the door, grab her purse which is hanging behind the door and open the door again.

"What was that about?" He asks while moving out of the way so I can get out of the house.

"Here" I shove the purse to his chest, and proceed to Vic's car. I get in the back-seat and drop my bag on my lap.

"Thanks babe" Julia says while Jake hands her the purse. I roll my eyes, honestly I kinda liked when Jake liked me, it made me feel wanted. Julia and Jake were holding hands and flirting all the way to school. I just put in my ear buds and listen to music and kept quiet.

Vic's P.O.V

Finally Julia was going away, I really just need a break from her bitching. Maybe this summer I'll get to know Izzy a bit more, I smiled at the thought of us going on dates an making out.

"VIC BREAKS!" Julia yells and grabs the front dash as I slam down on the brakes. We stop just in time when a car comes fast down the road and just misses out car.

"What the fuck Vic?" Julia shoots at me. I look back to make sure Izzy is okay before answering Julia.

"Sorry got lost in my thoughts" I claim.

"Well pay attention" Julia rolls her eyes at me. I leave it be, not wanting to fight with Julia in front of Izzy. We get to school just in time, I park in my usually spot. Once we get out I grab Izzy's arm and hold her back till Julia and Jake are out of our site.

"What?" She shoots at me clearly annoyed.

"So Julia's going away" I smile trying to hint what I would like to do.

"Your point?" She puts one hand on her hip.

"Well I was thinking maybe we could spend some time together" I smile at the thought of use holding hands and kissing. The thought of her resting her head on my chest.

"Maybe." She smiles a little, I start walking towards the front doors when she grabs me and turns me towards her. She plants her lips on mine, kissing me softly, nothing to harsh. When we break apart for air she smiles and walks away. 

"Izzy wait" I say starting to walk towards her.

"Oh shush" She gives me a flirty smile and continues walking to her class. 

I reach art to find Izzy sitting in her usually spot, I slid in the desk beside her. She starts laughing at at video she is watching on her phone, Her laugh is perfect. She surprisingly doesn't sound like a donkey. I sit there staring at her till she snaps her head fast over to me.

"Stalk much?" I remember when I said that to her, We both start laughing. She is honestly everything I look for in a girl. 

"Just taking in your beauty." Damn Vic you sound so cheesy. But I guess it worked because she grabbed my shirt and kissed me again, she clearly wasn't scared of what people would think of us. I caught a few people looking out of the corner of my eye, they just took a quick look then continued what they were doing before. Is this what I really want? Do I really want her?


I knew what Vic wanted from me, He has to work for it. He doesn't just get a invitation saying 'Come to Izzy pants'. No I'm not letting just get what he wants. I've been kissing a whole bunch today, I kinda makes me feel better about the whole Julia Jake thing. 

"Izzy why do you keep kissing me?" Vic asks leaning a bit closer to me.

"Complaining?" I say a bit snotty.

"No, just why all of a sudden, you decide to really like me?" Dammit, I don't really know what to say to that.

"Do we really need to talk about this?" I say getting up from my desk and grabbing my bag off the floor.

"Kinda." Why is he so hard? wanting to know everything all the time.

"Lunch okay?" meaning I'll explain later when I have a answer, He just doesn't know I mean it that way.

"Okay catch you later" He waves and walks in the crowd of moody teenagers. I sigh and walk over to my locker to grab my English textbook, I catch a really pretty girl making her way over to me. I think she's in my art class. All of a sudden she grabs me and pushes me up against the lockers holding my neck.

"Listen little whore, Vic is mine. Don't you fucking dare kiss him again or I'll find you and kill you" She gets all up in my face.

"Really bitch?" I push her off of me really hard, She trips and falls on her ass.

"Don't dish out what you can't take" I smile and put up my middle finger to her just before I slam my locker closed and march off to English class. I walk in just before the bell and take the only spot left open, It ends up being beside this tall beach looking boy, By that I mean blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect smile.

"Hey." He shoots this really hot smile at me.

"Hey." I shoot him a smile right back.

"I'm Lucas" I flip open my book before saying

"I'm Izzy" I see him staring at me in corner of his eye.

"Beautiful name" He says right before the teacher walks in and the class goes quiet. 

In the middle of class Lucas puts a small little note on my desk, I grab it and open it carefully. ' Text me' is on the note then his number under that. I grab my phone and add his number in, The teacher catches me.

"MISS KURT" She says a little bit to loud, everyone turns back to me. People call me Miss Kurt since I am kinda a part of the Kurt family now.

"Sorry miss s" I set my phone down on my desk and cross my arms.

"Bring it here" she says pointing to a spot on her desk. I hear a few laughs when I get up from my desk and put my phone on her desk.

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