Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


5. Date.

Julias POV

Izzy was helping me get ready for my date with Jake tonight. I was wearing a Panda tank top and light wash skinny jeans. Izzy straightened my hair and applied my make-up. She smiled at her work and shoved a mirror into my hand and I smiled. Whether i like her or not, she knows how to do make-up. I grinned like a love sick puppy and she just smiled at me. I could tell she was thinking about what to do with Vic and for once in my life, I felt bad for her. She can't really help her feelings. 

At 6:58 I put my shoes and jacket on as Jake pulled up. He was so hot. I waved bye to Izzy and Vic and got in his car.

"Hey beautiful." He smiled and my heart fluttered. 

"Hey." I smiled back and he took my hand in his while driving. I didn't know where we were going for our date but he drove along twisting roads until we pulled up to a lake. There was a basket and a blanket laid out on the beach and I instantly realized it was a picnic. 

We laughed and talked and threw grapes at each other. I was so happy. He got to know more about me and I found out more about him. Every time he smiled he looked so much cuter. Suddenly he stood up and pulled off his shirt.

"How 'bout a swim?" He asked smiling cutely at me.

"I didn't bring a swim suit." I sighed and peered at his toned abs. He flushed and smiled shyly.

"Well, uhm, I brought one of my sisters, you guys are about the same size." He said and reached in his bag and tossed a pink poko-dot bikini at me. I went behind a nestle of bushes to change. When I came back out he was sitting on the beach in swim trunks, the wind rustling his hair. He smiled at me and I felt his eyes rake up and down my body and I blushed. I always thought i was too thin with not enough curves to make up for it but he didn't seem to mind at all. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the freezing cold water. I shivered and my teeth chattered. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him, instantly warming me up. Once I got used to the water we began to splash and play and he picked me up and threw me. After about an hour of that we got out and dried off. I changed back into my clothes behind the bush again and handed him the towel and damp swim suit. I ran my fingers through the tangles in my hair and climbed into the car with him. He drove me home and kissed my cheek. My cheek tingled where his lips had touched them and I said goodnight and ran inside. 

I burst into izzy's room where she was sketching in a note book and smiled at her. She raised her eye brow at me.

"So did you have fun?" She asked I blushed and smiled frantically before thanking her again and going back to my room for the night.

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