Foster Love

Izzy a sixteen year old girl who has been in and out of foster homes is waiting to find the right home to stay in. When Mrs. and Mr. Kurt bring Izzy home with them, they start to think that they might want to keep her forever. When Izzy meets Vic she insistently falls in love. its against foster rules to date your foster sister's or brother's. Will Izzy confess her feelings for Vic or will she hide them away forever?


22. Babe let's go home.

Izzy's P.O.V 


I woke up in a motel bed, I looked down at myself and saw I was fully dressed. I got up and brushed myself off, to get all the dust  from the room off of me. I looked around and didn't see Vic anywhere, I slipped my shoes on and opened the front door, It was raining. We were almost in the middle of no where I saw a small diner just around the corner of the motel. I thought maybe Vic would be there, I slid out of the room and closed the door. I walked down the stairs, as our room was on the second floor, it was one of those motels where there was two levels, but all the doors were facing outside. I walked over to the diner trying to cover my head from the rain, I honestly didn't care what I looked like at this point. I walked in, and that little bell went off, you know the one when anyone opens the door, I covered my ears, my head hurt so much for some reason. I looked around and saw Vic sitting at the counter drinking a cup of coffee. I walked up and tapped his shoulder, he turned around and smiled.

"Good morning beautiful" I smiled and slid into a chair next to him, I order a cup of coffee also. We both just kinda sat there awkwardly sipping on our coffee. I was starting to regret leaving, I could just feel the stress of them coming here to find me. I knew that I would feel guilty for making people wasting there time to come find me, when I ran away without even thinking.  Not even thinking about anyone else but myself, I'm so selfish. 

"What you thinking about hun?" Vic said while tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear, I looked over at him and grabbed his chin and pulled him in for a kiss, our lips almost met, I opened my eyes and ran out of the diner. I felt sick, I puked outside, in the parking lot. Vic came running out and saw me. I put my hand out to shoo him away. He kept coming towards me, I whipped my mouth and stood up straight.

"Stay away." I say in a harsh voice.

"No." He came close and grabbed me, he hugged me, I pushed him off.

"Vic stop." I said looking down at the ground.

"No. Babe. I love you." He said lifting my chin, to make me look at him.

"I want to go back." I said with tears starting to fill my eyes. He let go off me.

"No." My jaw dropped, I didn't think he would say no. "Your not going back." What does he think? He's my mom?

"I am." I say turning away from him and began to walk away. He grabbed my arm.

"I'm not letting you slip out of my arms again." He said starting to tear up. I looked in to his eyes, they took my breath away. He pulled me in close, I put my head on his chest and whispered.

"Babe, I don't want to stay here." Hot tears fell from my eyes right on to his black shirt. I was really thinking about what would happen if anyone found me here, They would take me, and lock me up forever. 

Vic grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes,

"We will go anywhere you want." He whipped away my tears, I grabbed his chin and kisses his cheek so softly. I pulled myself away from him and started walking to the room, I just wanted to get this puke taste out of my mouth. I ran into the room and walked over to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth three times. When I came back the beds were made and our bags were packed.

"Are we leaving now?" I say moving closer to Vic.

"You said you didn't want to stay here so we won't." I smiled, I grabbed his chin and planted my lips on his, we kissed. We were practically making out, He fell back on to the bed, and pulled me down with him. He started tickling me, I bursted out laughing and pleaded for him to stop.

"VIC! AH! STOP!" I said through laughs, he enjoyed tickling me. I tried to pull away, but he kept pulling me closer, He whispered " I love you." In my ear ever so softly, his warm breath on my ear made me have mad butterflies. For a second it was so silent, I could hear him breath. Vic's phone rang, we both jumped up from the bed, he grabbed his phone off of the side table and sighed.

"who is it?" I said starting to worry a bit.

"My mom." He then answered the phone, I gulped. Vic walked out of the room, I paced around the room waiting for him. I was waiting for like thirty minutes at least, he finally came back. He looked angry. 

"They said, if we don't come home by tonight, they will call the cops." I could feel the tears coming, but i held them back. What are we going to do? We can't run away forever.

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