Real Life

The story of normal people in normal places that do non normal things


2. What The What?

Classes so far weren't so bad I think I alright had a new favorite teacher Ms. Jest she was so hip she was dressed in a pair of the most adorable pair of black skinny jeans and a sweater that had a fox on it and her hair was done in tight bunks of curls that were color of tree bark. Her room was so awesome there were posters and pictures of ADVENTURE TIME every where that is one of my favorite cartoon that I don't watch. I was already made fun because of my height. The popular ones said "how's the weather up there or are your family giants I always got made fun because I was huge, not fat huge, but tall I mean there is a lot of tall people but I am the tallest ... in all of the school I was 6 feet and I was only a sophomore ! But at least now it was time for lunch and I could see all of my friends finally

 I searched all of the cafeteria but it was easy to spot them lets just say we they weird/awkward and people we are not outcasts actually we sort of popular. I got my slop they call "lunch" and came off to my assigned lunch table and finally I could hear what happen

 "ONNA!" they all said in all most perfect unison.

 "Hey guys so what I miss besides you guys ?" I said in a sappy voice.

 "A lot and missed you Onna " Bianca said with a serious tone. I am glad bz(Bianca nickname) hadn't changed her mane was as wild was always and rocking her usually necklaces and band tees.

 "Where should we start guys ?" Bri said to everyone but me. She also hasn't changed her hair was pulled back like blonde string with her wacky shirts and her Boots.

 "Well duh, from the beginning how should tell her?" said Gaby . She didn't change yay and now that I think about it no one changed but she had her hair got blonde highlights though and it was curled but her Pink shirt was under her demin vest and her golden sandals.

 "I guess I will," said Reagan shakily.

 "Can some just tell me before the bell rings!" I said getting annoyed.

 "Ok ok I will," said Reagan

 "Ok so you want long story..." I cut Reagan off

"Short," I said finally annoyed.

 "Ok first me and Thomas are dating , Bz got in some trouble , and something your mom should probably tell you."


  "Ok ok long story but after school the bell is about to ring ,ahhh what I not going to think about anything for the rest of the day!" I said right before the bell rang.

By the end of the day I drove off into the deep and landed in crazy and confused. I could wait to hear the rest that finally that school was over!

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