Real Life

The story of normal people in normal places that do non normal things


1. First Day

 All ready I was dreading school and I haven't even step foot on the grounds. At least I could see a few but amazing friends because my... wonderful mom made me go stay the summer with my grandma and grandpa and just to I think I heard all the story about war, knitting ,and story that start with "back in my day..."

 I was usually good at school except civics the most life sucking class I would start the class off sleeping to .. sleeping. All of my older friends made fun of that teacher because he try to be cool but he go off into pointless boring stories. So I was really dreading that teacher but other then that I  was ok with class and gym was the easiest class the teacher was so fat he just make you play any game you wanted to.

 When I got to school finally school and on the field I saw two out of my many many friends *cough cough 7*. Reagan had spotted me and ran up to me she was her usually crazy and energetic self wearing her jean and are matching school jackets and her purple converse her hair seemed even more wild then usually and hugged me tight.

"OMG your back how was your trip , I have so much to tell you!" she said loudly so half the court yard could hear her.

"I was ok ... but how was summer what did you do ,and where is every one else," I said with relief that I had been forgotten.

"Ok so omg all lot has happen over break we all have to be there at lunch to tell you will not believe what has happen!" she said anxiously.

I always hated when she did that. Lucky Gaby hadn't seen me yet so me and Reagan sneaked up behind her and poked her sides and she nearly jumped out of her skin. Gaby hated when we that because she claimed she was "fat" but she wasn't and she changed emotion when she saw it was me.

"ONNA your back did you get your classes yet do we have any together , we have soooo much to tell you at lunch!" she said joyful

"  First I have math then language art ,science ,gym ,ART, civics ,and FFA. What classes do you have , ahhh I missed you guys so much!" I said with a eager that we would have classes together.

" Oh we have science and civis together yay!" Gaby said relived that we had classes together.

"Omg we have five classes with each other, we have  language art, gym, art, civics ,and FFA!" she said excitingly

" Oh so cool yeah !" I said super uper relived

Just then we had to leave to go to are classes and I couldn't wait for lunch to see what has happened!

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