Make You Fall

I DON'T BELONG. Those words echo through my mind every time I walk into NCIS headquarters. 15 is too young to be going on missions for the government, they said. You shouldn't be doing this, they said. Go and fall in love get married and have kids and be normal, they said. But I never will. I will always be traveling and it's too hard, I said. Well, I will make you fall, he said.


3. Understanding...Okay?


 I enter my room and gasp like I was just sucker punched. It's beautiful. There's a cute little window with a padded bench inside to sit on, a HUGE fluffy bed with a white comforter and pillows that looked like marshmallows and my absolute favorite part; a rock wall above it (the bed). I jump up and do a belly flop onto it and it makes a swoosh-y sound. I jump for a little while and start climbing the rock wall when I heard voices from Bekah's room.

"She's always been like this. No one really knows why, but it's her personality. Everything got crazier when the dreams started and now she's kind of out of control, I'm so sorry she's acting so...childish." I am going to kill Bekah... after I finish eavesdropping on her and the brat-face.

"It's alright, I actually think it's funny. But what is Alexandr- whatever she said?"

"Alexandria's Genesis? It's a mutation that causes purple eyes and pretty much immortality. She hates it, and I wish I had it she's so lu-" I heard no more as I fell off the wall and broke rule number four; I screamed like I was being murdered. Bekah came rushing with her gun drawn and Daniel hiding behind her.

"I fell, that's it." I say, exhausted.

"Hello?!? Rule number four!" she yells, waving her gun around.

Then, tragedy struck.

Bekah broke rule number one.

She didn't put safety on her gun when she was angry and careless.

And that resulted in someone's Carotid artery getting nicked by a bullet.

That resulted in me screaming and crying over a boy I had just met.

That resulted in me getting covered in blood, risking my life for someone I barely knew, because of the girl I loved the most. In me getting scared to death over him.

That made him cry for weeks, because of a stupid accident. That gave all of us nightmares -well, it gave me different nightmares-. It resulted in a hospital visit, which resulted in something else.

It was yet another chapter in our story, but it was one of the most painful ones, next to the one that came after it.

I'll tell you the next one soon, but I have to heal myself for a while.



Yes, I am aware Alexandria's Genesis is a made up thing and it is purely fictional.

Next chappie coming soon


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