Make You Fall

I DON'T BELONG. Those words echo through my mind every time I walk into NCIS headquarters. 15 is too young to be going on missions for the government, they said. You shouldn't be doing this, they said. Go and fall in love get married and have kids and be normal, they said. But I never will. I will always be traveling and it's too hard, I said. Well, I will make you fall, he said.


1. Prolouge


ANOTHER DAY, another mission. I was used to this by now, being the best field agent at only 15 years old was a completely different feeling than expected. I mean, don't get me wrong, I liked it at first, but then the feeling of triumph and euphoria wore off. Director would brief me, send me to countries he wouldn't even think of sending the veteran agents to, and expect me to do the task at hand even better than they could even dream of. I walked into his office like any other day and was completely shocked at the fact that a civilian sat in the chair where my partner, Rebekah, would always sit. She sat next to him, looking pissed. ‘New Assignment’ she mouthed to me. I gave her a confused look but brushed it off. Civilians always got in the way of missions and pissed me off too, so I completely understood why she looked so angry.
“Agent Malden, it’s nice to see you again.” Director Vance acknowledged from his chair.
“Ditto, Vance. Who’s the boy?” I asked. I have always been one to get directly to the point when it came to my job.
“This is Daniel. He has found a terrorist program and has recently been put under threat therefore I am assigning you and Ms. Goldlight to watch over him, for his safety.”
“I’m an agent, not a babysitter. Now assign me a real mission please.” I had responded.
“I am your director and you cannot give me an ultimatum. Daniel is your top priority right now and you better watch him like a hawk!” Director was getting frustrated now, which was never a good sign.
“Send me to take care of the damn terrorists then! I’ll take them out and we can get rid of this nuisance!” Unfortunately, me becoming frustrated was even bigger of a problem than director becoming frustrated.
“Goddammit Malden! Just take the boy and protect him for a month or so until this blows over and then we can go back to the field!” Rebekah using my last name never meant anything good, either. I puffed my cheeks out and rocked on my heels.
“Fine. But don’t expect us to be nice. I’m warning you right now, you’re going through conditioning and training. I won’t live with a pansycake like you.” I spat.
And that was just the beginning of my life with Daniel J.

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