New Years Eve

Maisie Grey, A girl with talent but never wants to show it. She believes that she could conquer her fear of stage fright. In the city of "The Big Apple" Maisie will do anything she can do to become a famous sensation, but what if rebel bad boy from England; Harry Styles comes across her path and ruins that chance of it happening? Find out to discover this mystery situation. Will they find Love? or Will they become enemy's?


1. Chapter 1

  I look out into the audience. Strangers going crazy, drinking beer, cursing, making out, and yelling and vomit almost everywhere. It was both hard and beautiful to see. "This is it." He said to me, I looked over to him and held his soft, massive hand and smiled. "Yeah. I guess it is." I reply back to him. "Excuse me, sorry to break up this romantic moment of yours but there's crazy New Yorkers wanting a show to go on.. so if I were you I would get my butt onto the stage and kill them with your voice." The stage manager said to me leading me onto the stage, while looking back I see him. His curly brown locks, and emerald, jade eyes looking back at me with happiness, and both sadness. I stopped myself dead in my tracks "Will I ever see you again?" I ask him for the last time, He smiles, the smile I was very fond of and looked towards his feet. "It's your choice babe. It's only if you want to see me again." He speaks.

- 5 Months Earlier -

" Maisie!" My mother called for me from my room, "I'm busy at the moment!" I yelled back arranging my paperwork into my bag and along my songwriting. "Maisie!! You'll be late for your first morning classes!!" she yells once again, as if I'm deaf. "I'm coming! Give me a damn moment will you!" I protested slipping into my light-skinned oxfords and fixing my poster. I hurriedly ran down the staircases and grabbed my cooked cinnamon toast and orange juice and left the house in a fast motion.

I'm not normal. I'm probably farther than normal. That's what I think I am at least. Being Maisie Grey is not easy, I'll tell you that. I personally have a 'wonderful' talent which in this case is songwriting and singing, says so my director for my music theory class. I attend at New York University studying journalism, and writing. I wasn't really sure upon what I was wanting to be when I graduated high school, so during my junior and senior year I took the chance of writing different sorts of topics. Just for example, Poetry, my favorite, Fantasy, Fiction, and Non-Fiction things and so on. Then I received a letter saying that I was accepted to NYU and got along with being into Journalism and Writing, instead of what I personally wanted to do which is singing and songwriting.

    Everyone thinks that New York was a great place to get over stage fright, and perform for free.. it's not as easy at it looks. Honestly I've tried. The last time I did that I ended up freezing up and no words came out of my mouth, I was a bit humiliated. That was when I was 8 years old, now at the age of 21 I'm still having that fear of doing just that. 

   I entered my English class and sat in my usual spot in the father back, middle section. I noticed I'm not the only one who was here just a few minutes late for class as everyone who enters the door behind me. Then it hit me. The guy who was mysterious to me. I've been told that the guys name is Harry Styles, he my age and is also into what I'm here for. Strange huh?

    Harry quietly enters the room and sits in the row in front of mine and leans back into his chair. Harry was beyond gorgeous, His even tanned body covered with tattoos, wearing nothing but dark clothing and ripped skinny jeans and his hair is ALWAYS into it's perfect formation. Harry was quite a mystery to me, but I've never had the guts to talk to him about himself or even just to hang out, I've always been that type of person that doesn't quite go out in the open about things like others do.

   When class started, I was easily interested in the discussion for today about life goals in writing. As the professor handed out our assignment for tonight, I felt a light tap on my ankle. When I raised my head from looking into my bag, Harry's looking straight at me with a plain look standing onto his beautiful face. "Do you have a pencil I can borrow?" he whispered in a deep English accent. I had chills sent down my body. "Uh.. Y-yeah. Here" I stuttered giving him my extra pencil I had then Harry raised his eyebrows and turned back into his chair. Great! Blew my chance with being in a decent relationship with a mysterious, fellow like Harry! I thought to myself face palming myself in the process. The professor handed me my handout and told us we could begin, I read the prompt, it read 

   "Have you ever dealt with anything in your life that still you cant dealt with now?

Explain in a paragraph about it."

The prompt was strange, I would have to re-read it in order to get the concept of writing about. Gladly it's Expository essay in saying that I would have to explain the hardest thing I've dealt in life but never conquered now. I took an deep breathe and began to write the best I can do.

Expository Essay written by Maisie Grey


Loneliness is not just being alone. It has to do with feeling lonely, feeling the absence of a meaningful human relationship. The fact that loneliness has something to do with feeling lonely suggest a remedy. Our feelings are amoral, that is, they are neither moral nor immoral. Therefore, we can acknowledge them and talk through them instead of keeping them bottled up within. Our feelings change quickly and constantly. It is our faith that is constant. Therefore, we should live by our faith and not by our feelings. Our faith tells us that we are never really alone. "In him we live and move and have our being." When we isolate ourselves from these relationships we feel lonely, One of the things that isolate us from these personal relationship is a negative self-image, an inferiority complex which generates a fear that we will be rejected, a fear that we are not loveable.

When I finally finished my essay, I stood up and handed it into my professor who was reading student work. "Ah. Miss. Grey finished already?" she asked. I nodded and handed it to her. I heard a slight noise from behind me, as I turned I noticed Harry walking over to me and handing his finished essay in as I exited the room. "Maisie! Wait!" I heard my name being called as I stopped and watched Harry run over to me and stopping right in front of me slightly out of breathe. "Uh.. you forgot your pencil.." he says handing over my pencil "Thanks." I grabbed it from him. I started to walk again until I was then walking next to Harry, "How about you and I go out and chat a little eh?" He asks with a hint of charm in his voice. "Why? Why does it have to be me?" I question him. Harry licks his lips "Because.. I really want to get to know the real Maisie Grey.. in person." He explains in a dramatic tone. I Laughed at his immaturity. "Seriously. I want to." he explains once again stopping myself from walking. I thought about it for a moment "Ok. Yeah, I'd love to get to know the real Harry Styles, in person." I say mocking his earlier saying tone. Harry laughs and leads me into his Black Range Rover parked in the parking lot and drives over to Panera.

    I was shocked over what happened just earlier, I talked to Harry Styles. The boy who was saying to be mysterious and dangerous. Surprisingly I don't see anything Dangerous about this boy.

A/N: Hello lovelies!! Ok. this is a weird start but I decided to make another Fan fiction, involving Harry so I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Again I'm sorry for not updating any of the others. I will make sure to do so. Please, Please, Please let me know what you all think of this Fan Fiction. What you want in the next chapter. or What will happen. Please let me know! Lots of love!!! xx - Kenzie Tomlinson:) xx 


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