Opposites Attract [[Larry AU]]

Harry's special. Not the bad special, the one when people call you retarded. Not the love special. Just- special. He's different with how he's always so caring and kind and he even wears flower crowns on his head which has got to mean something, right? And then there's Louis.

Louis is an angry ball of tattooed skin and a bad past. He's what you moma and papa would tell you to stay away from, and of course, Louis enforces this. But Harry doesn't care.

Louis isn't too fond of Harry, actually. Okay, so he may not be fond of Harry at all but that's too bad, right? Because you know what they always say...

"Opposites attract." Oh, and are they opposites...


1. Pilot

  Harry was happy. Why? Well, he was always happy. But, today he especially happy. First day of spring today, it was, and Harry could not be any more excited than he was or he just might fly away, bits of glitter and rainbows sputtering from his bum. Okay, maybe that'd be a little disturbing, but it'd still be really cool to see someone fly. 

   Harry continued walking, sliding his hands into his jumper pockets and taking a big intake of breathe, spelling the cool and refreshing smell of spring. Taking a detour right, he ended up in an opening, a meadow you would call it. It was littered with bright colours, flowers scattered everywhere. Harry liked it here. Mostly because he loved the sight and mostly because he cared much for this meadow and mostly because, well, he does enjoy flower crowns. 

   Harry smiled, dimples becoming visible. But, then it, disappeared and Harry literally almost screamedSomething black, maybe a body was lying in the center of the meadow, and to closer inspection, it indeed was a body. Harry was freaking out. Did he call the cops? Well, Harry thought, of course I call the cops! He pulled out his cell phone, going to the emergency section. About to type 9-1-1 in, he thinks, Do I even know if- whatever that is- is dead? No, Harry you don't. God, I'm such an idiot! 

   Sliding his phone back into his back pocket, he creeps over , leaning over what is actually, he finds out, a body, and reaches out to pull on this stranger's shoulder. His eyes snap open and Harry screams. "'m sorry! I didn't mean-"

   One of his eyes flicked upwards, glancing at the taller lad and the other one being rubbed by his hand. Harry blinked. "Louis Tomlinson in a meadow, huh?"

   "Harry Styles talking to Louis Tomlinson, huh?" Louis sneered and Harry cracked a smile.

   "If you can call this talking." Louis rolled his eyes, getting up and brushing dirt off himself. 

   "We can, obviously, if we're both talking to eachother. Anyway, why do you wear those thingies?" Louis pointed up to Harry flower crown and Harry's hand went up to feel the pink roses without his permission.

   "I like them, they're special." Harry shrugged, Louis following. "Why do you have so many tattoos?" 

   Louis shrugged. "I like them, they're special." He smirked, Harry rolling his eyes and huffing. This was the despicable Louis Tomlinson. He was an arse, truly. Most people either fucked him, or were scare of him and that was okay to Louis. It was, he would say, better to have someone fake, rather than having someone close that could play with Louis' feelings and jerk him around like a puppet. He didn't want that because he was afraid that would happen. hat's why he put up this act, that's why he has walls, that's why he never wants to have meaningful intimate moments with anybody because he knew people. He knew people. He knew how they could manipulate, and use, crushing and tearing until you were left in miniscule pieces of yourself that you had to go and pick up along the years. Louis didn't want that to happen. He wouldn't let it happen. It wasn't going to happen. Not ever.


A/N: I'm really so sorry if this is horrible. This is my first fanfic and don't hate me oki? oki.


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