In her eyes.

A girl going through bullying depression and self harm. She doesn't know how long she can take all of the hate towards her.
A curious harry styles notices her standing on top of the roof of her highschool.
He doesn't know what she's planing to do but he was about to find out.
Will harry be the one to save her life?
Or will he turn away?


12. Trouble in paradise.

Me Harry& the boys along  with their dates,all went out to Nandos for dinner.we laughed and joked around for a bit. Afterwards we decided to go to the beach to hang out. Me perrie and Eleanor got a blanket out and sat down in the sand,while the boys were building a fire pit.

Soooo how have you and harry been ltely? I heard you got a place of your own?

me and harry have been fine,and yeah I got my own place finally . You guys can crash

there tonight if you want.

sweet perrje said.



can you come here a minute please?

Yeah sure Niall be right there!! The girls exchanged glances then looked back at me. Wonder what the hell he wants i muttered under my breath.

I walked towards the boys. Yeah whatsup?

can i tak to you for a minute? 

Yeah. Me and niall headed the oppisite direction. Whatsup niall i asked curiously? Ummm well everyone is getting into relationships,&  well i dont have a girlfriend. Could you help me out?

yeah of course anything for a friend. Niall why exactly are you asking me for my help again?????????

Because you have harry, and he has never been into serious relationship until he found you.

Ok find a girl who loves you for you. Who doest lie. And who trusts you and its basicly that simple. Thanks Alexis, i new i could count on you for help. He hugged me.

I don't know why the hell Niall was hanging all over Alexis, but it was pissing me off.

We walked back to where the boys. Harry had a aggervated look on his face. He wasnt speaking to anyone not even me. The ride home was nerve wrecking. Harry didnt say one word to me,he didnt even look at me.

What is wrong with you? Iasked angerliy

why was Niall all over you huh!!?

Are you being serious i spat!

Yes!!Harry, i said through clenched teeth, he was asking me for advice on how to get a girlfriend. Thats it!!! Stop acting immature! You should know i wouldnt cheaton you.

When we got to the apparment building i opened the door and stormed out slamming the door behind me. I found the girls waiting at the entrence. Ok lets go to my place then.  We hurried towards the elevator i was in no mood to talk to harry.

Now look what i have done!!  I am so damn stupid. I raced to the elevator to catch up with Alexis,she was already upstairs in her apartment. I guess i can go up there and try to talk to her.

Whats wrong Alexis? Asked the girls curiously. Nothing harry is just being stupid.


he thought me and niall were hooking up!!I feel like he doesnt trust me.

I was standing outside her door. I could tell she wasnt in the mood to talk tonight, so i decided to go back to my place. I needed to think of a way to make it up to her. Somthing tbat shows iam really sorry about my ignorence.

I went back to my place i then thought of a great idea.

A promise ring are you crazy?

No i love her and i know damn well i wont ever find a girl lkke her.



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