In her eyes.

A girl going through bullying depression and self harm. She doesn't know how long she can take all of the hate towards her.
A curious harry styles notices her standing on top of the roof of her highschool.
He doesn't know what she's planing to do but he was about to find out.
Will harry be the one to save her life?
Or will he turn away?


7. New Beginning.

The plane flly landed early in the morning. I could t wait to see his house. We grabbed our lugages and headed to harrys Car. He took my lugage from me and put them in the trunk i got in the car feeling much better than i did yesterday. He looked up and smiled sombody seems to be in a better mood he said teasingly. I just feel so refreshed i dont have to worry about anything anymore, noe that i have you i said. He looked so cheeky when he looked at me with his beutiful smile. Iam glad i made you feel that way. When we finally got to his apartment complex i was amazed. His appartment was huge it had 5 bedrooms 2 finished bathrooms and a lounging room the stairs were from rhe floor tp the celing where the lounge with a flatscreen and a couch was. Oh wow this place is beutiful. Like you. Wow that was cheesy  i said jokingly.he pucked me and spun me around i screamed and we both fell onto the couch laughing he stole a kiss i didnt want to  take anyrhing to far so i gently pushed him off of me. He had a massive pattio with a hot tub built into it wow luckily it was really warm outside. I decided thats what i wanted to try out first I want to go in the hot tub I said. He looked at me as if I had read his mind. I found  bikini it was a pale  hot pink with only one strap in the back I had my rose tattoo at the bottom of my back.  I couldn't get the stupid strap. I asked him to buckle it for me. He looked like he was holding back I turned around and he noticed my rose tattoo I love that he said. He finally got it buckled feeling relieved I turned towards him we walked out on the pattio together and got in the hot tub. It was so relaxing.  I was on the other side of the hot tub I didn't feel comfortable sitting to close to him. He of course moved right next to me puting his arm around me. So are you in a bettee mood now that we are here? Yes actually I feel a lot better. He kissed my neck. He pulled me closer to him I was practically on his lap. He heled me close  we were silent for a moment. Am I rushing things he asked embarrassingly. Well no I just don't want to do this at this very moment. I want our relationship to be strong before we do any of that. This is why i love you even though we have been through so much in the past week you still want our relationship to be the best it can be. I love you to I kissed him on the cheek. We got out of the hot tub and went inside to order food. I changed into my sweats and a hoodie. And pulled my hair intoa messy bun. When I came out of the room harry had on boxers and his rolling stones t-shirt.

we ordered pizza and went to the lounge to eat it I picked a scary film to watch I sat next to him. We sat there for a while watching the movie and talking I fell asleep in his arms.  When I awoke the next morning harry wasn't on the couch. I smelled muffins and eggs.  He came up to the lounge flowers in one hand breakfast in the other. Goodmorning love,he kissed my forehead I sat up aww thanks hun. My day was already starting off great. I could tell this was going to be a great new beginning for me and Harry.




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