In her eyes.

A girl going through bullying depression and self harm. She doesn't know how long she can take all of the hate towards her.
A curious harry styles notices her standing on top of the roof of her highschool.
He doesn't know what she's planing to do but he was about to find out.
Will harry be the one to save her life?
Or will he turn away?


6. Meeting the girls.

We walked back downstairs the party was still going strong. Harry walked over to Louis  hey have you seen Perrie and Eleanor? Yeah their over by the punch. Great iam going to introduce Alexis to them now. Great their gonna love her. OK see you in a minute. We walked over the to the punch bowl. Perrie Eleanor- what I want you to meet Alexis my new girlfriend. Oh hey nice to meet you I am Eleanor and iam Perrie. Hey iam Alexis. Cool oh that is a nic a dress! Thanks Perrie  I said smiling. I will be back Alexis I need to go talk to the boys. alright see you later. His kissed me quickly and we t off to find  the boys. So what are your plans for when harry is off break? Well he said he wants me to travel with him on tour. Oh my god!!! What? Harry  has never asked any of his girlfriends to tour with him. What did you do to make him fall so hard for you? Eleanor asked interested. He saved my life without him there at the very moment I was ready to end my own life so people would stop beating me and telling me to end my life how I was worthless how nobody would ever love me for me. I couldn't finish the story I....suddenly i couldnt breathe the girls looked at me funny. Are you ok? Tears ran silently down my face. I was waching her across the room. I was standing next to nial,zayn and louis. Whats with the worried looks on their faces? Oh no...I ran over to her she looked like she  was in shock. Alexis are you OK? Let's get out of here. I am sorry he whispered in my ear. Going so soon Zayn asked yeah I will catch up will you guys later. The car ride was silent I felt so bad for freaking out again.  Are you OK now? I ddidn't respond at first. Alexis please is it something I did? I felt bad for making him so upset. No its not you. Its just my mind is thinking about all the bad things that have happened I want to leave this place  I don't want to live anymore I couldn't breathe tears were streaming down my face no one ever said my depression and everything would go away just because of one person I need time to heal. He looked really worried. What can I do? Let me go home a pack my stuff I Cant live here anymore. Alright then . He got to my house I walked in mom wasn't home instead I left a note more tears running down my face. I packed my clothes makeup anti depressants toothbrush phone charger and my laptop. Are you ready to go harry asked me as I jumped back in the car. Yes I choked out. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead I love you he said silently.I will do whatever it takes to make you happy and that's a promise. Now we have to drive to the airport were going back to the U.K. we got to the airport he texted the boysand let them all know he was going back early.  OK he got us 2 plane tickets. We finally got on the plane. I looked out the window silently saying one last goodbye to my old life then we took off.





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