In her eyes.

A girl going through bullying depression and self harm. She doesn't know how long she can take all of the hate towards her.
A curious harry styles notices her standing on top of the roof of her highschool.
He doesn't know what she's planing to do but he was about to find out.
Will harry be the one to save her life?
Or will he turn away?


4. Its official.

 I awoke rubbing my eyes I didnt want to get out of bed.II rolled over out of bed and went to the batheoom to brush my teeth. Harry was asleep on the couch. I decided to make breakfast but first I grabbed my phone to check  my twitter. I seen a Tweet from Harry, it said that people should stop judging people for their flaws everyone is beutifulXx 

I couldn't help but smile there was a massive amount of comments. Most were positive and i was happy the fans  wernt sending hate. Harry stirred. Goodmornig he said tierdly he came over by me and linked his arms around my waste. Good morning I replied with a small smile. Thank you. For what? This I showed him the Tweet you  posted on my page ohhhhh that he said laughing. Its nothing I just thought everyone should know your beautiful. It really means a lot to me. He kissed my forehead  Do you still want to meet the other boys today Zayn is throwing a party at his place tonight. Sure sounds great I have to go Buy a dress or something. Do you want me to go with you I really wouldn't mind. Yeah you can come do you think anyone will notice you? I don't they might but I will deal with it would you be OK with it? Um honestly am not sure I don't want any rumors to be spread about us I can't handle any sort of rumors or drama we would have to be really careful. Ok. Well I am going to take a shower. See you in about half an hour. OK he pecked Me on the cheek. Iam going to start getting ready as well see you later love. After i got out of the shower i applied some makeup got dressed in my jeans and black sweater i pulled my hair up into a bun showing off my black infinity tattoo on the back of my neck. Harry came around the corner wearing his black skinny jeans with his white T-shirt and his brown boots. Nice tattoo he smiled he kissed my neck. All ready to go? Yeah. Great I can t wait for you to meet the boys you are going to love them. We got to dots about half an our I went Inside hoping me and Harry wouldn't attract any attention. There was only a few people there who of course noticed Harry. Oh my goodness we love you so much can we have your autograph!! Sure. Who's that they both said pointing at me. Harry didn't answer. Oh my god wait ti'll everyone here's about this!!!... please dont say anything we dont want our relationship going public yet.  Didnt know we were in a relationship i thought to myself. Ok were sorry they both left the store silently. Now are you ready to look for that dress love? Yeah we spent 2 hours looking for the dress I found it finally it was a strapless red dress that was short in the front and flowed in the back. I went to the dressing room to try in on. Perfect I thought to myself. I changed back into my clothes and went to go pay for the dress. Do you want some lunch?  Yeah we went to Nandos and picked up some food. We took it back to the hotel. I curled up to him on the couch he wrapped his arm around me. So what dress did you decide on? Its a surprise I said teasingly. The party Zayn is throwing starts at 6:00 we better start getting  ready. My phone started ringing crap I forgot all about home. Hello? Alexis are you coming anytime soon? No i am stayin with a friend over the weekend. Ok i love you honey, see you soon. She worried about you harry asked curiously. No she was just asking if i was coming home. Oh. Well iam gointg to get ready now. I ran to the bathroom with my dress,makeup and my curling iorn i put my dress on then i started working on my hair i decided to put my hair in a loose ponytail so e curls falling around my face. I applied the smokey eye look for my eye shadow. I applied my eye liner and maskera. I checked myself in the mirror. I came from the bathroom quietly slipped on my highheals. Harry Was wearing a black button up blazor with his black skinny jeans and his brown. Boots. He turned around to see if I was ready. His eyes widened. You look absolutely amazing. Thanks so do you I said smiling he kissed my head. All ready yup we headed to his car. On the way there I was checking my twitter. Oh my god harry we are trending on twitter!! What Everyone is talking about Harry styles and his new girl . Do that know who you are no. It just says #mysterygirl. Well we can worry about that later we are going to have fun tonight. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. We finally arrived at Zayns house. Oh my god this place is huge!! Harry rang the door bell you could hear music and chatter from the inside. Zayn answered the door followed my louis ,Niall and liam hey harry and harry s lady friend said Niall charmingly hello guys I want you to meet Alexis,she's my girlfriend my heart skipped a beat. Hey guys I said smiling nice to meet you love come in enjoy the party OK. Alexis I will meet you in there harry said slowly. OK I will be by the music. Harry what made you start dating this one Louis asked curiously? She has a amazing personality she cares about me for who I am and not for what I do. Besides ever since I saved her life we have just connected... what do you mean by save her life zayn asked? I don't have time to explain right now I will tell you guys later. He brushed past them and went to find Alexis. I was waiting for Harry to find me I felt out of place at this party. Oh there you are harry said. Thank god I thought to myself. What do you think he said grinning? Incredible!! Well I am glad you are enjoying yourself the boys seem to enjoy you. That's great news. Do you wanna go somewhere private I need to talk to you. My stomach did a Summersault sure. He lead me up stairs where it was quiet.




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