I've got you.

"Why are you doing this? If this is some type of sick joke then just stop, I can't stand this anymore!" I cried.
Tristan looked my in the eye and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started streaming down my face, slowly at first but then more came and they were running miles a minute. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to let him see me but Tristan removed my hands gently and wrapped me up in his arms.
"It's not a joke, Via. I've got you beautiful."


7. 7.

As I asked her to, Jazz met me at my locker where we ran to my car laughing. Jazz usually got the bus to school as she's still saving for her dream car, a Ford Focus, so she was relieved to not have to sit next to another stranger from school. She really hates the bus.

"Oh my Gosh! This is gonna be even better than seeing him at a party, it's practically a date!" She exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow and gestured to her to put her seatbelt on. 

"A date with five other people." She slapped my arm playfully and asked who was coming.

"Well, I saw Tristan before English and he said he's asked Max, Adam and Luce. And then there's Will, you, Tristan and I coming so that makes seven." Jazz nodded and blushed a little when I mentioned Will, but I decided not to bring it up just yet.

"I think I know Luce, she's in my math class. Short, blonde Cheerleader? Also, I noticed Chloe isn't on the list?" She winked.

"Yeah...she doesn't exactly know...to be honest, I don't really know what to think of her anymore, lying about a relationship where everyone can see is just pathetic, who even does that? It's just weird and then she tries to get me to back off when she's the one acting like a psychotic creep!" I exclaimed, getting frustrated. We pulled into my driveway and parked the car. Jazz turned to me and put her hand on my arm. She gave me a small smile and undid our seatbelts.

We walked in to a tired looking Hayley sprawled out on the sofa with fashion magazines, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and MTV blasting through the whole house. She was still wearing her work clothes, a fitted but sophisticated black dress, so I'm guessing she couldn't be bothered to change since she got home.

"Rough day?" I asked as I closed the door behind Jazz.

"Yeah," She sighed without taking her eyes off her magazine. "Thank God it's Friday."

"Can Jazz stay over tonight?"

When my sister heard Jazz's name she looked up and smiled. They've always got along, as if Jazz were Hayley's little sister too.

Hayley stood up and hugged Jazz then said "Of course. Always a pleasure to have you, honey." Jazz smiled back at her.

"So. Any plans? Via said your party has been moved to next week." Hayley said with a frown, looking genuinely upset for us.

"Actually, we're going to Nandos with some friends from school." Jazz piped up.

"Which, by the way, we have two hours to get ready for, so lets roll." I said, starting up the stairs with Jazz following shortly behind. We entered my room and Jazz collapsed on my bed.

"Girlie sleepover?" I asked Jazz already knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes!!" She shrieked, bouncing around on my mattress. We loved our girlie sleepovers, we would give each other facials, do our hair, paint our nails, watch 'flick chicks', all the cliché typical activities.

"Ok, well I'm just going to have a quick shower and wash my hair, I had gym today and ugh, I just look a mess, did you want to use it first?" My sister had the biggest room and an en suite which was the only one in the house. I used the family sized one down the hall, which we both agreed was fair as she paid the majority of the bills.

"No it's cool, we've got two hours to get ready so should have just about enough time for facials. I'll go get all the stuff with Hayley." She said standing up. Just before she left she turned and said "Oh, and Via?"

Turning to face her I said "Yeah?"

"You look gorgeous as always." She winked with a cheeky grin and slipped out. I smiled to myself, I love my best friend.

Quickly, I grabbed a fluffy robe and towel and ran to the bathroom.

After I had my shower I come through my hair and dried it quickly, hoping Jazz wasn't waiting too long. I entered my room in my robe to find Jazz had set up the all that was needed for facials, and had also picked out make up and nail polish.

We applied each other's facials which resulted to both of us rolling around the floor in a fit of giggles. Once we had washed the face masks away we did each other's make up and changed into this:

                                                                      Via's outfit

                                                                                  Jazz' outfit


I had just finished applying lip gloss when I noticed Jazz staring at me. She looked amazing, her hair was flowing wild and free like always and her skirt showed off her gorgeous legs.

"What? Is it too much? Do I look stupid?" I looked down at myself and suddenly felt self conscious.

"No, you look perfect." She smiled. I smiled back and gave her a bear hug.

"Not half as pretty as you." I winked. She raised her eyebrow and grinned cheekily before looking at the clock on my bedside table.

"We better get going, we're gonna be late." I handed her a jacket and we headed downstairs towards the door.

"Be home by 11." Hayley called from her spot on the sofa. You wouldn't have thought she'd moved  from the spot had you not seen the tiger onsie she was now wearing and the left over mixture on her face from our facials. Jazz giggled at her appearance before escaping out the door.

"We will be." I assured her before grabbing keys off the table and slipping out myself. Quickly, we drove to Nandos to find we were five minutes late and everyone was already waiting inside. Once we entered the restaurant we were greeted by several smiling faces and waves. Tristan stood up when he noticed we had walked in and walked over to hug me. He wrapped his arms around me for a brief second and I breathed in his scent of apple mixed with pine tree. My skin tingled and I felt little butterflies swarming around in my stomach.

"You look beautiful." He whispered. Did he just call me beautiful? I could feel the blood rush to my face and my cheeks reddened. The butterflies turned to kangaroos bouncing around performing cartwheels, forcing me to look down so he wouldn't see my unobtainable happiness.

"Thank you. You look great too." I mumbled, allowing my eyes to make momentary contact with his before returning to the floor once again. He really did look great in his navy polo shirt and chinos. The colors contrasted perfectly with his tan and you could see the outline of his perfect body. This made me blush even more and I only just managed to keep up with him as he began walking to our assigned table. Once at the table, I was greeted by Will, Max, and a couple i hadn't met before. The boy, Adam, was tall and lanky with glasses and dark hair and had his arm around a short blonde with wavy hair who I assumed was Luce. She was pretty with cornflower blue eyes and pale skin. They made a cute couple, even with about 2 ft in height difference, and both flashed friendly smiles as I sat down. 

I reached for a chair but Tristan got their before me. He pulled out the chair to sit down but as I reached for another one I noticed he was still standing and looking at me with a confused expression. It was only then that I realised he was holding the chair out for me. I blushed, feeling embarrassed and murmured a barely audible 'thank you' as I sat down. He chuckled and pushed the chair in for me then took the seat next to mine.

The rest of dinner was great. Everyone was just chilled out and we had a lot of fun laughing and talking and just hanging out. I had become increasingly more confident and comfortable around Tristan, and even flirted a little bit! After we split the bill, Tristan said he wanted to take me somewhere alone.

"Sure." I said with a smile. "I'm just gonna go to the bathroom quickly, okay?" I said sweetly before turning to Jazz who was in deep conversation with Will over music. I tapped her twice on the shoulder, which is like a little code we made up for the other to follow, so she excused herself before standing to follow me to the bathroom. Once there I turned to her grinning excitedly and told her what Tristan said.

"Oh my God! Where is he taking you? Did you know about this? What are you going to do?" She questioned without waiting for me to answer.

"I don't know! All he said was that he wanted to take me somewhere so we could talk alone, do you think he's going to ask me out?"

"Definitely!" was all I got as a reply, with jumping and squealing in the normal Jazz manor. I decided to join her, I might as well be optimistic, right?

"Ok, ok, he's waiting, how do I look?" I checked with Jaz, turning to the mirror as I did so. My makeup was pretty natural, so all I did was touch up my lip gloss while I was caught in a hurricane of perfume by Jazz. She rummaged around in her small purse for a while before pulling out a mint that she force fed me for 'just in case'.

I rolled my eyes playfully before retrieving my own purse and straightening the skirt of my dress while Jazz neatly placed a loose strand of hair back where it belonged. She gave me a small thumbs up before we left the bathroom, where we were then approached by Luce who gave us hugs and smiles before leaving hand in hand with Adam, who waved a small good bye. Max was no where to be seen, and the only people remaining were Will and Tristan. As we began to approach them, Tristan turned his head and spotted us, causing a wide grin to cross his face, which of course, caused millions of those little butterflies to find their way into my stomach.

"Hey." He smiled. "Ready to go?"

"Sure." I replied suddenly feeling nervous. I handed Jazz my keys, checking she had her license and glancing at my watch. It was nearly nine, we had plenty of time.

"Then let's go." He winked, taking my hand and I felt that familiar shock of electricity racing through my veins. I smiled to myself and looked over to Jazz. She winked and grinned cheekily before turning to Will who by the looks of it, wasn't done with this night either.

I turned my attention back to Tristan who was holding the door open for me with his free hand, still holding my hand in the other. Blushing, I murmured a 'thank you' before slipping out with Tristan shortly behind. Once outside he led the way.

"So, Mr Evans, where are you taking me?" I asked with a cheeky wink. Where did that confidence come from?

"For ice cream." He replied simply, heading away from the cars towards the pathway that lead to the park.

"Are you serious?" I laughed, shaking my head. "Where are we going to get ice cream at nine o'clock?"

"I have my ways." He answered mysteriously, his face breaking into a large, mischievous grin. I narrowed my eyes but ended up laughing along with him.

"You know, you never did tell me why you moved here. I've asked you about three times!" I said with a little shove.

"Alright Greene, cool it with the violence." He winked. "Well, my dad works for a big, hotshot architecture firm that specializes in making their buildings as eco-friendly as possible. He started coming on so many business trips down here that the firm decided to just move him down here."

I raised an eyebrow. "Impressive stuff, Evans." He laughed and nodded.

"I guess. What about your parents? Tell me about your family." I froze when he said this. My family had always been a rough patch in conversations.

"Umm, well I, uh, don't really live with my parents. My mom lives upstate and my dad is a lawyer living with a Victoria's Secret model wannabe the same age as Hayley. Hayley is my sister, I live with her." I explained, trying to make it sound as least complicated as possible. He nodded, taking it in before taking a few moments to reply.

"The holidays must be fun." I looked up at his calm expression and burst out laughing. He smiled and continued talking. "Tell me more about yourself. What type of stuff are you into?"

"There's not much to say really...I like to run track? I like most sports in general really, I like music, reading, I love spending time with Jazz and Hayley, I love the beach, I go there a lot with Jazz, umm, I don't know." I laughed. Am I making things awkward? Oh God...

But he just smiled. "I run track too. Sounds like you're pretty down to earth." He winked flirtatiously. "You and Jazz sound like you're really close. How did you become friends?"

"Wow...it's been years...ok, well believe it or not, I haven't always been so happy. I grew up in California with my parents and sister but before their divorce, things weren't so great. They used to fight a lot and things got pretty heated. Just words of course," I added "I guess...I guess I was so used to keeping quiet at home, I started becoming quiet at school too. I was only 10 when I moved out with my sister but you could still see what was going on. So, being quieter meant you wouldn't speak up when other kids were mean. I never saw what was wrong with myself, I thought I was like everyone else, but they'd always find something wrong with me. One day in 6th grade, Jazz moved to our school and saw the kids calling me names in the playground. She asked them why they were doing that and they said because I was lame. Jazz shouted at them and told them to leave me alone. I guess since then that's just how it's been. Jazz and I." I finished. Oh my God. Why did I just tell him all of that?

Tristan removed his hand from mine and slung his arm around my waist, steering me towards the direction of a small ice cream cart. He really does have his ways. "Kids are brats." He whispered in my ear. I giggled whilst he turned to the man running the ice cream cart. He was a small, round man that looked like he ate more ice cream than he sold. I asked for a small pistachio ice cream cone and Tristan got a peanut butter flavor. I began rummaging around in my small clutch for money but before I could hand the money over, Tristan had paid for both ice creams and was holding both offering me my small cone.

"You didn't have to do that. Let me pay you back." I said taking the cone, genuinely shocked. Guys never pay for me. But Tristan held up the hand he was previously using to hold my ice cream, to signal a 'no'. 

"No, instead you're going to play truths with me, sort of like pay back." He winked. Oh God, here come the questions...

"How many times have you been drunk?"

I looked down and he laughed loudly. "A couple of times. Nothing too bad, I don't like drinking anyway, it has too much of an effect on your mind."

Tristan nodded in agreement, still laughing himself. I raised an eyebrow. "And what about yourself, Tristan?" He just shrugged, looking comfortable as if I'd asked him his favorite color.

"Yeah. A couple of times. Parties and stuff, and I drink when I'm not thinking straight. When my grandma died, a practically drunk out the whole house. My parents weren't too happy." He said, pulling a face. I started laughing so much because of the face he pulled that I didn't see the branch fallen on the path and I tripped, expecting to fall flat on my face but instead i fell into strong arms. Tristan chuckled at my reaction and just said "Hey, chill Via, I've got you."

Butterflies hit against each other in my stomach and I smiled like an idiot before he asked his next question. "What's the best thing that ever happened to you?" Eating ice cream in the dark with a gorgeous boy that gives me butterflies.

"Probably leaving my parents house and meeting Jazz. My sister and Jazz are the world to me." I smiled. He smiled too. "What about you?"

"Well, as much as I love Minnesota and miss it like crazy, moving here was probably the best thing that's happened to me. I've met some great people in the two weeks I've been here, and now I can surf whenever I want." He winked. I rolled my eyes and took another chunk out of my quickly disappearing ice cream. Tristan's was gone.

"Ever had a heartbreak?" I felt chills run down my body, and not from the ice cream.

"Y-yeah...umm...have you met Randy Johnson? From the football team?" Tristan tensed up for some reason.


"Well...uh...he and I used to be friends. He asked me out 2 years ago to go to this party on the beach with him. We ended up...umm...making out in the ocean and from then on I was his girlfriend. We were going out for three months before I realised he only wanted to go out with me because he knew how my family have...a little more money 'cause of my dads law firm. Randy would always 'forget' his wallet and I'd pay. I found him...I found him making out with C-Chloe under the bleacher. She said he forced himself on her and I...I've just been too embarrassed to face him." I stuttered and stumbled on my words looking back to that awful memory. Next I knew I was wrapped in a massive bear hug from Tristan. He was tensed but still hugged me gently, like I was fragile. Precious.

"I'll fucking kill him." He said and I let out a small giggle then buried my head into his shoulder, taking in his reassuring scent of apple and pine. He loosened his grip and let go so he could look at me, but didn't remove his hands.

"Maybe ice cream wasn't the best idea. You're freezing." He chuckled, removing his hands for a brief second to take his hoodie off. He placed the hoodie around my shoulders then smiled.

"You don't have to I'l be fine..." I started but he wouldn't hear of it, and instead placed his arm around my shoulders too. He must have been freezing, he was only wearing a polo shirt and it gets cold in the park at night. We walked a little bit further but then he stopped.

"Tristan? What's wrong?" I asked, worried I'd done something wrong. He looked serious and his smile was gone. "Tristan..."

"Via. I need to tell you something. I really like you."

"I like you too Tristan."

"No, I mean I really like you. I haven't like this with other girls before..." The space between us was decreasing, my heart was beating fast and hard, I was sure it was about to burst out of my chest and hand itself to him.

"I-I haven't felt like this before either." Our noses were nearly touching, and if it were possible my heart sped up.

He was leaning in, he was so close I could smell the peanut butter on his breath, his lips were so close now they were brushing against mine and just as they were about to meet...

A car horn went off. I screamed and jumped back in shock, Tristan looked stunned or like he'd just been shot. We tried to figure out where the sound was coming from when we heard a high pitched 'Via!' being screamed from my car. Jazz and Will had found us, ready to take us home.

"I'm so sorry-" I started to apologize but Tristan stopped me. He smiled, looking a little disappointed and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

"See you on Monday, beautiful." He yelled whilst jogging in the direction of his own car that was parked near where Jazz and Will were. How was his car already there? Did he plan this whole evening out?

I suddenly remembered his hoodie and shouted "Wait, your hoodie!" But he just shrugged and flashed his teeth.

"Keep it."

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