I've got you.

"Why are you doing this? If this is some type of sick joke then just stop, I can't stand this anymore!" I cried.
Tristan looked my in the eye and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started streaming down my face, slowly at first but then more came and they were running miles a minute. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to let him see me but Tristan removed my hands gently and wrapped me up in his arms.
"It's not a joke, Via. I've got you beautiful."


4. 4.

"He totally likes you!" Jazz squealed. I laughed and thought back to the very similar conversation yesterday at my place.

"Shut up does he."

"Oh shh you! You know he -"

"What are you two nerds talking about?" Chloe interrupted. This girls really has problems with letting us finish our sentences!

"Nothing." I replied calmly. Maybe Chloe wasn't the best person to hear about this, she's really possessive over the boys she likes.

"She raised an eyebrow but only said "Well, see you in English then. I'm going to apply some more eyeliner before first period. Don't miss me." She winked and strutted away.

"I do not like that girl." Jazz stated decidedly.

"I know, I know, but come on she can be really sweet!" I exclaimed. Jazz rolled her eyes playfully and we linked arms.

"So. Back to Tristan. Are you gonna ask him out?" I blushed and looked down.

"Of course not. He and Chloe are obviously hitting it off, you didn't see the way he smiled at her."

"No, but I saw how he smiled at you.Admit it, Via, you like him too!! And I don't blame you, he's extremely cute, which is why you can't just let Chloe have him. She'll be hunting down a new jock in a couple of weeks anyway, and this one seems genuine, so save him from hurricane Chloe and take him for yourself!" She grinned cheekily whilst saying the last bit.

I grinned back at her and said "Ok, ok, I'll talk to him, but no promises." She jumped around and clapped, making me laugh. "I'll find you after English ok? We've got Math together so don't run off!" I winked.

She winked and without warning turned and sprinted off down the corridor, earning some weird looks and me to nearly collapse from laughter whilst entering my English class. I took my books out of my bag and sat down behind my desk. My English partner, Will, walked in and laughed at me.

Will had fair hair that was gelled over in a way that made it look high up and it was still soft which if I were a guy, would make me jealous. He had grey eyes, that were kinda ghostly and transparent, but in an interesting sense rather than creepy. He was tall with broad shoulders, he was a competitive swimmer for the state team.

"Don't your ankles get cold?" He winked. I looked down at my blue jeans rolled up just past my ankles that showed off my navy Toms.

"No. How could I be cold when it's only a month till Summer break?!" Will looked like he was about to say something but our teacher came in and began the lesson so he just sat down.

I spotted Tristan a couple seats down from Will and I, that gorgeous wide smile on his face. I found myself smiling too, until I saw the person making him smile. Chloe.

She was sat laughing with him and flicking her hair like she did in the cafeteria. Then she leaned in and touched his arm very gently...

I'll admit, my next actions were highly uncharacteristic. For some reason I felt a sharp stab of jealousy which lead to me behaving irresponsibly. I ripped a page out of my exercise book and scrunched it up into a ball, then in a swift, quick motion, threw it straight at the back of Chloe's head. It didn't miss.

Chloe's head fell so far forward she hit her desk. The ball hit Chloe right in the middle of her head, causing her to slip out of her comfortable position with her elbow resting on her desk and her fist underneath her chin so with nothing supporting her head, it fell and smashed her face straight into the desk. I heard a small squeak and when she looked up she had blood dripping from her nose.

"OH MY GOD!! Miss!! I'm bleeding!!!" She squealed. Will, who from the looks of it was the only person that saw it was me that threw the paper ball, was laughing has ass off. Chloe was sent to clean up and the class continued its lesson. Finally Will calmed down and turned to me.

"I thought you and Chloe were friends?" He challenged. I focused on my notes and didn't look up.

"Umm, we are..." I murmured. He studied me for what felt like an hour before I looked up frustratedly.


"You like the new guy." He said simply. It wasn't even a question, it was a statement and we both knew I'd have trouble trying to deny it.

"How could I? I hardly know him. You, on the other hand, have a certain crush on my best friend Jazz I believe?" He suddenly looked panicked and his eyes got wide as if he never thought anyone could figure that out.

"So it's true! I had a hunch, and you too would be so cute!! But I'm sure this is something that she can know about in her own time. That you can tell her. Without anyone getting involved, if you know what I mean." He relaxed a little, and I think he understood the hint I was trying to get across and link to Tristan. He nodded his head vigorously and continued his work.

I turned to the front and noticed Tristan was staring at me. He held the paper ball with his fingertips and raised an eyebrow. I shrugged as if I knew nothing and he laughed, shaking his head. He turned back to his work and continued. Well, this would be a fun story for Jazz.

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