I've got you.

"Why are you doing this? If this is some type of sick joke then just stop, I can't stand this anymore!" I cried.
Tristan looked my in the eye and I couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears started streaming down my face, slowly at first but then more came and they were running miles a minute. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to let him see me but Tristan removed my hands gently and wrapped me up in his arms.
"It's not a joke, Via. I've got you beautiful."


3. 3.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, all I could think about was Tristan. Why had I never seen him before? His face was hardly one I could forget.

I realised I also had science with him, he sat three rows down to the left of my where I was sat. He sat with Max who was a jock I saw him with at lunch. They seemed to get along quite well, Tristan smiled and laughed a lot in science which of course made me smile to myself too.

By the time school ended I was exhausted as I usually am on Mondays. Jazz was coming over to hang out after school so I waited for her outside her locker. Tristan approached me whilst I was waiting and I felt thousands of little butterflies fluttering in my stomach

"Hey." I replied, hopefully seeming more confident than I was at lunch. "So, I haven't really seen you before. Are you new or something?"

"Yeah, it's my second week. It's pretty cool here." I smiled. It was, I loved California and how all the beaches were barely 5 minutes apart.

"Where are you from?"


"Wow. That's pretty far." I said. I felt kinda bad for him, it must be hard having to leave all your friends to go so far away.

"Yeah I guess so. But I've met some pretty cool people already." He winked. I blushed, was he talking about me?

Luckily, Jazz decided to show up before I said anything cringey or that I'd regret.

"Hey, sorry I'm so late I - oh hello." She smiled at Tristan. "What's your name sweetie?" I loved how Jazz could say that without sounding flirtatious or creepy.

Tristan laughed and replied with "Tristan. And yourself?"

"Jazz. I'm Via's friend." She said winking at me. I wasn't particularly worried about Jazz liking Tristan, she gave me this glance that told me she knew I had a little crush. "Isn't she just the best?"

"Jazz!" I blushed giving her a little shove, but Tristan just laughed.

"Yeah. She seems awesome." He said with a wink.

If it was possible I blushed even more. "Thanks." I looked down. "You too." He smiled again, his smile was really starting to grow on me. Jazz piped up as if she thought we'd forgotten about her.

"Sorry Tristan, but we've got plans, see you tomorrow!" She smiled and grabbed my hand. I looked over my shoulder as we were being dragged away and saw him wave and smile. Smiling back, I gave my own little wave and followed Jazz through the crowd. I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow!

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